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3 Principles of Coaching

In Action

The 3 principles of transformative coaching - Intelligence, Thought, and Consciousness - are a part of every experience you can possibly have in your life

This is true for you and for every human being throughout time.

When you work with these 3 principles of coaching in your sessions, you are opening the path for your client to begin awakening to their true power.

It's like you're presenting your clients with a blank sheet of paper and giving them the tools to rewrite their story and recreate their entire life.

Sounds great, right?

Let's see how this would work with an example...

transformative coaching in action

For instance, if a client is caught up in a negative thought spiral of stress and anxiety around a presentation that they need to give at work, you can introduce them to the Principle of Thought. This will help them bring awareness to their thoughts and realize that the emotions they are feeling are a byproduct of those thoughts.

They're not really thinking about the presentation objectively, they are focused on the thoughts that they made up about this particular presentation. You can coach them through changing their thoughts, so they can change their emotions into more positive, empowering ones that will lead them to having a successful presentation.

Or if a client is having issues with their confidence and self-esteem, coaching them around the Principle of Intelligence will help them see that we are all the same through the lens of the great equalizer, and they are as worthy and valuable as anyone else. 

It's about helping them connect with their unlimited potential and envision everything they could create having the same opportunities as everyone else and without comparing each other.

Here's the thing...

The 3 principles of coaching are at work in our lives whether we focus on working with them or not.

When you become aware of them and you focus on working with them in your coaching, you can change yourself, you can help your clients make the changes they want to make...

And in this way, you can help change the world.

Watch the video below for an insightful and high-value with master transformative coach, Michael Neill, and Evercoach co-founder, Ajit Nawalkha. Michael shares how he became a master coach, how to create transformational results for your coaching clients, and the one key mindset shift you need to nurture to craft your successful journey into transformative coaching. 

transformative coaching action section

Let's dive deeper and experience the 3 principles of coaching by doing the following self-coaching exercise and experimenting the power of these principles yourself. Once you can really grasp how these principles work and show up, it'll be easier for you to show it to your clients in your very next coaching session.

Do the following exercise:

  1. Close your eyes and imagine you're watching your favorite movie. If you'd like, you can go to the movies or play it on your home TV for this exercise.
  2. As you settle in, get comfortable and watch the movie begin, start bringing awareness to how you are being drawn into this new world, a new reality -- the reality of the movie you're watching.
  3. Keep that consciousness and awareness throughout the movie.
  4. Once the movie is over, you are snapped back into your home or the theatre where you watched the movie, and you are back in your reality.
  5. Reflect on the 3 principles of transformative coaching that were at play during this exercise:
principle of intelligence

Intelligence is the projector that transfers the movie to the screen,

principle of thought

Thought is the content of the movie, and

principle of consciousness

Consciousness is the screen itself - without the screen there would be light from the projector and content from the movie, but none of it would make sense if there's no screen to watch it on.

6. The takeaway: Playing with all 3 principles of coaching is about waking up to the nature of the movie of our life. We're free to experience the good and the not-so-good because we know it is all playing out in the intelligence, in thought, and in our consciousness. 

We can enjoy all of it and feel free to create the changes we want no matter who we are and where we come from. These principles of transformative coaching show us that there is limitless possibility and potential in all of us, and it is up to us to work with our gifts and create our reality.

How To Start Transformative Coaching


How To Start
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