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Explore Our Ready-To-Use Coaching Templates To Level-Up Your Coaching Sessions

First Coaching Session Template

Congratulations! You’ve enrolled a new client into your coaching business. What now? Your first coaching session is like meeting someone for the first time: you want to make a great impression. And to do that, it’s crucial that you prepare and design your session structure to make the most out of it.

Download this free first coaching session template, for the best tips and checklist to prepare before and questions to ask during your first session.


Group Coaching Template

If you're ready to impact more lives faster and grow your coaching business, group coaching might be the best choice! In this free group coaching template, you'll find everything you need to know to create your first group coaching program.

This template covers the benefits of these programs, 3 group coaching models you can choose from, and the basic rules for delivering transformational group coaching sessions. It also takes you through the 7 key steps to designing your first group program from start to finish.


Executive Coaching Proposal Template

Are you interested in coaching executives and senior management team members, but unsure of how to approach them and show the value of your coaching? Then this executive coaching proposal template is exactly what you need.

In this template, we cover the core skills that executives and senior managers seek to develop, 3 elements you need to have in order to approach potential clients successfully, and the 3-part layout to craft an irresistible coaching proposal for your prospects.


Life Coaching Template

Preparing for your life coaching sessions as a new coach? Download this free life coaching template for valuable insights, coaching models and techniques, and powerful questions you can ask your clients to get to know them.

You also get a ready-to-use pre-coaching questionnaire template you can send your new clients before their first session so you can prepare better as you'll have some insights into what they're looking to get out of the coaching relationship.


Business Coaching Template

Becoming a business coach means you have to take responsibility for the smooth running of a business. As a business coach, you will be responsible for your client’s professional and mental well-being. Helping the boss grow their business is a task that a business coach primarily focuses on.

In this free business coaching template, you'll get a deep dive into the 4 types of objectives a business has and how you, as their business coach, can help them reach those objectives. You also get an editable checklist you can use with each of your business clients as a guide to structuring your coaching sessions effectively.


Executive Coaching Template

Being an executive coach requires certain qualities that can be developed over time and with experience. If you have been a coach and have exposure to a fair amount of employee coaching, you will be familiar with the term ‘executive coach’. Simply put, an executive coach works with the leaders and managers of those employees.

In this free executive coaching template, you'll get the 5 steps to follow when coaching executives, guiding powerful questions that will elicit insights, and a ready-to-use, editable pre-session questionnaire to get to know your executive clients better before the start of your coaching relationship.


One-on-One Coaching Template

No matter the kind of coaching you provide, at some point, you are bound to provide a one-on-one coaching session. The purpose of this coaching method is to strengthen your bond with your client and also to clarify their doubts within their comfort zone.

In this one-on-one coaching template, you'll get a proven 5-step coaching process to create powerful transformations for your clients. This template also offers guiding coaching questions to ask, the 3 levels of coaching to take care of, and activities you can use with your clients.


Employee Coaching Template

If you're looking to coach employees and team members, this employee coaching template is exactly what you need! It will provide you the direction and coaching session structure to get started, plus powerful coaching questions to ask and activities and tools you can use with the employees right away.

This coaching template will be valuable for any leader, manager, HR team member, or business coach that wants to help their own team members - or an organization's employees - to develop themselves more personally and professionally, which will contribute to the employee's and team's overall performance.


Coaching Form Template

Get to know your new client more before your first coaching session by sending them this ready-to-use coaching intake form, a document where the client provides detailed personal information including their expectations and goals for the coaching relationships.

Using a pre-coaching questionnaire can help you streamline your onboarding process for clients and also allow you to prepare for the session as you'll have some insights into what they're looking to get out of the coaching relationship.

You can use this editable coaching form template as is or you can use it as inspiration to create your own.


Growth Coaching Template

5 powerful growth coaching tools to help your client evolve into the next best version of themselves.


Coaching Agreement Template

A ready-to-use coaching agreement template you can send to every new client you start working with and set clear boundaries and agreements from the get-go.


Coaching Package Template

Your step-by-step guide to craft irresistible coaching packages for your clients.


Online Coaching Template

Everything you need to know to set up your online coaching infrastructure and start coaching clients online.


Weekly Coaching Template

Use this weekly coaching template to plan your coaching sessions with any client ahead of time and prepare accordingly.


Coaching Session Template

A proven coaching session template you should follow to have a solid session structure outline and deliver transformational sessions every single time.