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Streamline Your Coaching Practice

Coaching Package Template

Your step-by-step guide to craft irresistible coaching packages for your clients.

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Executive Coaching Proposal Template

Discover the core skills that executives seek to develop and craft an irresistible coaching proposal for your prospects.

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Coaching Agreement Template

A ready-to-use coaching agreement template you can send to every new client you start working with and set clear boundaries and agreements from the get-go.

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Coaching Form Template

A ready-to-use pre-coaching questionnaire that helps you streamline your onboarding process and prepare for the first session.

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Boost Your Coaching Sesssion

First Coaching Session Template

Your first coaching session is where you make your first impression with a new client. Follow the tips and checklist in this template to prepare ahead of time.

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Coaching Session Template

A proven coaching session template that helps you prepare a solid session structure that delivers transformation for your client every time.

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One-on-One Coaching Template

Discover the 5-step coaching process that creates powerful transformations for your one-on-one clients.

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Weekly Coaching Template

Use this weekly coaching template to plan your coaching sessions with any client ahead of time and prepare accordingly.

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Refine Your Coaching Style

Group Coaching Template

Create your first group coaching program with this template that teaches you the basic rules for delivering transformational group coaching sessions.

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Life Coaching Template

Download this life coaching template for valuable insights, coaching models and techniques, and powerful questions to ask your clients as you get to know them.

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Business Coaching Template

Discover the 4 types of objectives a business has and how you, as the business coach, can help your clients reach those objectives.

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Employee Coaching Template

This employee coaching template will provide you the direction and coaching session structure to get started, whether you’re a leader, manager, HR team member, or business coach.

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Executive Coaching Template

Discover the 5 steps to follow when coaching executives, powerful questions that will elicit insights, and a ready-to-use editable questionnaire to get to know your executive clients.

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Growth Coaching Template

Discover the 5 powerful growth coaching tools to help your client evolve into the next best version of themselves.

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Online Coaching Template

This online coaching template provides everything you need to know to set up your online coaching infrastructure and start coaching clients online.

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