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What is Evercoach by Mindvalley?

Humanity is evolving at a pace faster than ever before. Organizations are evolving. Relationships are evolving. Our bodies are evolving. We have new science, research, and technology that we’ve never used before.

In this exciting evolving world, the one thing that remains constant is Change.

However, the challenge with change is that humans often resist it. Instead of embracing it, they let it cause stress, anxiety, and frustration. They are often unaware that change is what they need to become the best version of themselves.

This is where we as Coaches have an important role to play in pushing humanity forward.

We are the agents of this change and the facilitators of these insights. We introduce new ideas. We hold space. We give birth to transformation.

Coaching is Leadership. Sometimes we hold our client’s hand and sometimes we let them lead the way. Sometimes we spark change in their lives and sometimes we help them manage it in a rapidly changing world.

As Coaches, we need to see ourselves as Leaders and step up to that role. We need to equip ourselves with the right tools that help us be at the top of our game.

We need to be the best version of ourselves to help our clients grow, change and become their best versions.

This is why we created Evercoach - The only online school and community for coaches that brings together the best ideas, training, research, and insights that is powerful, actionable and transformational.

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Feedback From Our Community

Adéjoke Y. Paul
Thank you for giving me hope to never give up on my dreams”

“Thank you for sharing, empowering, staying connected with me through your daily e-mails, trainings and webinars. Above all giving me hope to never give up on my dreams even when experiencing challenges. Thank you for caring.”

Adéjoke Y. Paul

Founder & CEO of Adé In Your Life, Transformational Nutritionist, Speaker, Author, Renaissance Chef

Carmen G. Meikle
“I have no words to express enough my thanks for your generosity”

“I followed your online seminar and I have no words to express enough my thanks for your generosity on giving away wise advise and opening of eyes to entrepreneurs that are starting their business but do not know or find the required crucial tools to push ahead for many reasons. May God continue blessing and prospering your life and enterprises.”

Carmen G. Meikle

Author, CEO of The Mind-Body Cares

Patricia Quiring
“What a great online class. This was not only impactful but inspiring”

“What a great online class. Just what I needed! I am beginning my journey on becoming a life coach and this was not only impactful but inspiring. I am exited about the package I purchased containing many valuable templates. Can't wait to get started! I have to say so far my experience with Mindvalley has been stellar. What great resources I have at my fingertips from some pretty incredible personal development entrepreneurs. Thanks!”

Patricia Quiring
Michael Soheily
"You guys are doing great

“Awesome video Ajit, thank you for sharing. You guys are doing great. Finding solutions to your clients biggest problems is the guarantee to stay successful. You are already telling me all the things I need to do, and I have to go and do it.”

Michael Soheily

Transformational Coach, Founder of Coach Abilities

Anna B. Scott
“So Happy To Be In This Tribe!”

“So happy to be in this tribe! I’ve already fired the clients who don’t fit my ideal, now I am working to refine my document for a daily touch practice. And yes, I already feel like I’ve undervalued my private packages and deprioritized group work, though it is highlighted in the process I use with clients. Looking forward to changing that during this course.”

Anna B. Scott
Blerina Livoreka
“Big thank you for inspiring me in many areas of life”

“Big thank you for inspiring me in many areas of life. I love and appreciate all your e-mails you shared with me. Thank you from the depths of my heart for your precious time. May the love in my heart bring love and light to your heart.”

Blerina Livoreka

Art & Yoga Teacher

Alejandra Espinosa Piñeros
“You appear at the very perfect moment!”

“This in amazing! Love this program, Ajit! Is just what I need to begin my coaching practice! Thank you! You appear at the very perfect moment!”

Alejandra Espinosa Piñeros

Life & Leadership Coach at Inspiring Women

Lily Gabrielle
“Now I see it. Now I can define it.”

“Oh my goddess. Now I see it. Now I can define it. Now I know exactly WHY it is I add life coach tools to my nutrition coaching -- because I'm helping women transform their lives from pain-filled to pleasure-filled, be it through pregnancy, birthing, menstruation, motherhood, sex, trauma, chronic physical pain, depression, the list goes on. But there is a theme, A COMMON THREAD that I see SO CLEARLY now! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Praise clarity!!!!!”

Lily Gabrielle

Partner at Purium Health Products

Sadhu Singh
“Mindvalley & Evercoach constantly inspires and educates me”

“Thanks, Ajit! Mindvalley & Evercoach constantly inspires and educates me in exactly what I'm searching for to deliver more value to those I intend to serve. This exercise was simple yet crucial to getting any clarity on moving forward as a more impactful coach. Awesome!”

Sadhu Singh

Meditation & Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Health Coach

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