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We believe that Coaching today is not just a profession, it is a life skill.
The world needs more coaches who are mastering this life skill.
The world needs more coaches who are striving to get better, everyday.

Evercoach is created with the relentless focus on enabling you to be a better coach by using
the power of quality education, a contributing community and a place you can call your school
for professional growth.

This is the training ground for extraordinary coaches like YOU!

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Introducing Certified Business Coach
The First Official Coaching Certification Program By Evercoach

Join The First Training Program Of Its Kind Designed To Transform You Into A Knowledgeable, Confident And Highly Recognized Business Coach And Consultant

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Discover How
To Coach Leaders

Michael Neill

Transformative Coach, Thought Leader
& Best-selling author of 6 books

Learn the Fundamentals
of Life Coaching

Christine Hassler

Master Life Coach &
Best-selling Author, Speaker

Discover the Psychology & Science of Creating Rapid Transformation

Margaret Moore

Executive Wellness Coach,
Author & Co-founder of
the Institute of Coaching

Discover The Principles of Exponential Coaching

Rich Litvin

Master High Performance Coach &
Best-selling Author of
The Prosperous Coach

Learn How To
Enroll & Coach Businesses

Ajit Nawalkha

Master Business Coach,
Entrepreneur & Best-Selling Author,
Co-Founder of Evercoach by Mindvalley

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Books For You By Evercoach

The Book of Coaching

How To Be An Authentic Coach, Sign Top Clients, And Deliver Real Results That Change Lives

The Business Book of Coaching

How To Consistently Grow Your Income And 
Impact Thousands of Lives

What Our Students Are Saying

"Mindvalley & Evercoach constantly inspires and educates me"

"Thanks, Ajit! Mindvalley & Evercoach constantly inspires and educates me in exactly what I'm searching for to deliver more value to those I intend to serve. This exercise was simple yet crucial to getting any clarity on moving forward as a more impactful coach. Awesome!"

Sadhu Singh

Meditation & Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Health Coach

"Thank you for giving me hope to never give up on my dreams"

Thank you for sharing, empowering, staying connected with me through your daily e-mails, trainings and webinars. Above all giving me hope to never give up on my dreams even when experiencing challenges. Thank you for caring.

Adejoke Y. Paul

Founder & CEO of Ade In Your Life, Transformational Nutritionist, Speaker, Author, Renaissance Chef

"I have no words to express enough my thanks for your generosity"

"I followed your online seminar and I have no words to express enough my thanks for your generosity on giving away wise advise and opening of eyes to entrepreneurs that are starting their business but do not know or find the required crucial tools to push ahead for many reasons. May God continue blessing and prospering your life and enterprises."

Carmen G. Meikle

Author, CEO of The Mind-Body Cares