Coaching Methodology

How To Use The ‘Wheel Of Life’ Coaching Tool For Enhanced Results

BY Evercoach Team
Ajit Nawalkha, Evercoach founder and the great coach shares the video guide on how to apply the Wheel of Life coaching tool to enhance your sessions.
Coaching Methodology

5 Relationship Coaching Skills To Create Authentic, Healthy & Nurturing Relationships

BY Evercoach Team
Relationship coaching is a fast-growing need in the world. And for good reason too! In the last few decades, we’ve been able to witness the powerful impact of technology in our lives. More and more people are opting for texting over calling and online games over board games. The dinner table has turned into a […]
Coaching Methodology

How To Excel At Coaching World-Class Leaders

BY Evercoach Team
We live in a time where leadership is crucial. Read this blog to learn the art of coaching leaders, and impact the world positively.
Coaching Methodology

3 Principles To Elevate Your Game As A Transformative Coach

BY Evercoach Team
You want to be a transformative coach. Not just a ‘good‘ one. You want to be someone who’s great! Someone who creates deep transformations in your clients. To be a transformative coach, it’s not enough to have a solid methodology or to simply ask powerful questions.  It’s about being able to understand your clients and […]
Becoming a Coach

6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Coach to Grow Your Coaching Business

BY Robbie Swale
I was speaking to a client of mine, a coach. We were just finishing our final session. Extraordinary things had happened for the client, in her life and in her coaching business.
She said, reflecting on the power of the work, “I just don’t understand coaches who don’t have coaches.”
And I don’t either.
Coaching Methodology

5 Ways to Master the Art of First Impressions With Potential Clients

BY Elisa Abbott
As a coach, you need to master the art of first impressions to attract potential clients.
Paid advertising and word of mouth recommendations can take you far, but how you present yourself – both online and in person – can either seal the deal or send them elsewhere.
Here are 5 ways to leave a positive impression:
1. Pay close attention to personal stories 2. Watch your body language



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