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Explore Our Training Curriculum – Designed To Elevate 3 Key Areas Of Your Practice.

Elevating Personal Self

To be able to create transformations for others, you continually need to upgrade your personal self. Discover how to achieve higher states of self-awareness through practices like meditation and mindfulness.

Uncompromised Life
with Marisa Peer

Experience multiple breakthrough transformations in key areas of your coaching business & personal life, and be among the world’s most successful coaches in 8 weeks. Uncompromised Life is the course for any coach looking to overcome any and all self-doubts, self-esteem issues and limitations imposed on them since childhood so they can reach the heights of super performance in all areas of their coaching business and personal life... then help others do the same.

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with Jon Butcher

Mindvalley’s premier lifestyle design program. Rethink traditional goal setting and discover your true path as Jon & Missy Butcher guide you through the 12 dimensions of self-mastery.

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with Jim Kwik

Unleash your brain from all limitations, dramatically elevate your focus and learning speed, and develop a super memory in just 30 days.

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Advance Strategies to Coach and Train

Transform your coaching practice with the advanced strategies and methodologies taught by world leading coaches and experts — so you can create more profound transformations for all of your clients.

Impacting Leaders
with Michael Neill

Internationally renowned transformative coach Michael Neill, who has coached CEOs, celebrities, royalty and other high-achieving individuals for over 25 years, invites you to discover his secrets to confidently coaching high-impact individuals to reach their next level, no matter how successful, famous, or wealthy they are. This 10-module insight-based training reveals the fundamental truths of human nature and the universal scientific principles of what drives human potential and transformation.

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with Christine Hassler

Join master coach, best-selling author and TV host Christine Hassler in a brand new coaching system guaranteed to bring you more clients by creating epic results in their lives. Introducing Unleashed - complete holistic coaching toolkit that is packed with the best coaching tools and strategies to help your clients gain insights and make significant breakthroughs across the 4 Levels of Coaching: Emotional, Mental, Behavioura, Spiritual.

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Rich -itvin-products.png
Being an Exponential Coach
with Rich Litvin

Discover 8 principles of exponential coaching which transform lives & leave your legacy as a coach. World-renowned and highly sought-after performance coach Rich Litvin invites you to deeply develop your highest coaching ability, so you can exponentially grow your income, impact, freedom and legacy as a coach. “Being an Exponential Coach” is a powerful home-study program developed from over a decade of researching, learning, and deep coaching.

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Business Trainings

We don’t just train you on how to coach and create transformations — but to also create clients, build packages and sell with love. So you don’t just share your knowledge with a few but you impact hundreds, even hundreds of thousands.

with Christina Berkley

The key to building a 6-figure coaching practice is to learn about ALL the elements of a successful coaching practice, how they work, and how to apply it with your own creativity to design A PERSONAL recipe of success that perfectly fits your individual style and life goals. In this program, you’ll learn how to master the elements of a 6-figure coaching practice and build yourself a larger, more encompassing coaching practice that is truly satisfying — both for the bottom line and for your heart.

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with Lindsay Wilson

Booked is not just another sales program that teaches you the standard tricks you can find in any corner of the internet…. Booked is Lindsay’s life work packaged into a program that’s tailor made for coaches like you - because it honors your values, beliefs and, most importantly, your integrity. Joining Booked will allow you to skyrocket your sales and your business, to create sustainable transformation with your prospects, to serve at the highest level possible and to get your gifts out there…. in a way that feels authentic and true!

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Personal Brand Power
with Marisa Murgatroyd

After 2,000 consultations and millions in revenue generated, master branding coach Marisa Murgatroyd finally shows how you too can create a recognizable, evident, clear and uncompromised personal brand. Whether you’re a coach, speaker, author or expert, YOU are your most valuable asset! In Personal Brand Power you’ll learn how to translate the essence of you into a magnetic, authentic and powerful personal brand that stands out from all the others and attracts your ideal tribe.

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First: Serve
with Ajit Nawalkha

After 8-years of building highly successful online businesses and supporting countless coaches from around the world, co-founder of Mindvalley, Ajit Nawalkha shares insider secrets on how to convert the time you normally spend hustling to get clients into time spent doing what you love most — coaching and creating impact. This 14-module guided training gives you all the templates, worksheets, and clear action steps to execute any one of the 9 proven systems & strategies developed by Mindvalley and Evercoach.

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Immerse Yourself In The Mindvalley Curriculum When You Join Our Real World Campus

Mindvalley U

College Reimagined For The Future

What would happen if the entire Mindvalley community – kids, parents, teachers, authors, students, all of us – came together for an entire month in a different city each year? And what would happen if we spent that month co-creating immersive workshops, curriculums, pop-up schools, conscious business alliances, and other life-changing experiences with each other?


Mindvalley U is a bold social experiment, and a vision for the future of education: one where the world is our campus, and learning never ends.