The Ultimate Guide to the 3 Principles of Transformative Coaching

Elevate Your Game as a Coach and Create Mind-Blowing Results for Your Clients

How can you tell the difference between a so-so coach and a coach who's at the top of their game?

The truth is, great coaching is hard to define.

It's a complex combination of both tangible and intangible elements.

The best coaches in the world successfully master all of this and a whole lot more, but that's not really what separates them from every other coach.

World-class coaches understand something so many others don't...

Coaching is not about the latest coaching skills or trendy techniques...

It's about doing the work that all coaches are here to do... help create real, lasting change for every single client.

Great coaching is essentially a change in action.

In this Ultimate Guide, you'll discover the 3 powerful principles of transformative coaching that can create rapid -- sometimes even instant change -- for your clients.

These principles can also help move you through the transformations you need to elevate your game.

They'll give you the confidence you need to work with any client, anywhere in the world...

Even high-achieving people who may be wealthier and more successful than you.

Sound good? Great! Let's dive in.


What is
Transformative Coaching?

There are 2 things you need to know about transformative coaching...

It has the power to trigger phenomenal positive changes in a very short period of time.

Not all coaching is transformative.

Lots of coaches are doing great work, but many are confused about what it actually takes to create change in their clients.

This is one of the biggest reasons so many coaching conversations turn into "complaint sessions" where clients end up going on and on about everything and anything, but never really do the work to make change happen.

That's where transformative coaching is different.

It's about getting to the heart of change right from the start and it's about adopting 3 key transformative principles in your coaching practice.

Before we go further, let's clarify what it means to work with principles.

A lot of people think the word 'principle' means some sort of belief structure such as " it's always good to tell the truth."

However, in the context of transformative coaching, a principle is something that is 100% true whether you believe it or not. It's an undeniable fact and there is no in-between.

It's absolutely essential to understand this because the entire foundation of transformative coaching is based on 3 principles.

We'll be going deep into each of these in the rest of this Ultimate Guide.

Before you move on, let's get clear on the difference between principles and beliefs.

Based on the definition of 'principle' in this chapter, list 3 undeniable principles that you know of:

  • Principle #1
  • Principle #2
  • Principle #3

Now list 3 beliefs that you hold close to your heart:

  • Belief #1
  • Belief #2
  • Belief #3

What are some of the differences between the principles and beliefs that you have listed? (eg: Not everyone believes what I believe, etc)

  • Difference #1
  • Difference #2
  • Difference #3


The Principle
of Intelligence

The first principle of transformative coaching is related to the fact that there is a higher intelligence - a Universal Life Force - that animates us.

This is the mysterious intelligence that gives life and keeps us alive.

This unseen intelligence is present in all living beings.

You've probably experienced being around someone who's alive but not really there in their consciousness.

There is an intuitive sense that the real person - the one who has hopes and dreams, the one who wants to experience life to the fullest - is no longer around.

What we perceive then is the form or physical body, but not the animating force that makes someone come alive.

You can often observe this in people who are unconscious and near the end of their life or people who are going through extremely deep grief or depression.

Intellect can grow and change and evolve depending on an individual's life experience, education, genetics and so on.

The Principle of Intelligence in transformative coaching states that the animating life force, this universal intelligence is a natural phenomenon and an inborn trait that can be found in all humans.

Whether you were born into a rich and powerful family or you grew up in poverty, whether you are highly educated or you never graduated high school, the Principle of Intelligence applies to you.

It is the great equalizer and, when you approach your work as a coach using the Principle of Intelligence, you will no longer see people based on what they have done before or even what they are doing now in their life...

You will begin to see people for what they are capable of and what's possible for them.

When you realize that everyone is connected to this intelligence and guided by this intelligence, it will transform how you approach people.

Let's dive deeper and experience the Principle of Intelligence firsthand, so you can start to implement it in your very next coaching session.

Answer the following questions:

  1. What are some of the generalizations and judgements that you currently hold? For example "rich people are greedy". List as many as you can think of.
  2. Next look at each of your generalizations and view it through the lens of the Principle of Intelligence. Think about the innate intelligence that flows through all beings, the Universal Life Force that is the great equalizer of all.
  3. Now, focus on consciously and intentionally shifting your views around these generalizations. Think about how people are fundamentally and deeply guided by an unseen intelligence that is the Universal Life Force. Then write or record any ideas and insights that come to mind.