The Ultimate Guide To Creating Transformation Coaching Sessions

The Art and Craft of Delivering Rapid, Life-Changing, and Lasting Results for Your Coaching Clients

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The Ultimate Guide To Creating Transformational Coaching Sessions
The Ultimate Guide To Creating Transformational Coaching Sessions

That's a quote from Master Coach and co-founder of Evercoach, Ajit Nawalkha, and it's one of the deepest truths about coaching.

Here's the thing...

When it comes to creating transformational coaching sessions, it doesn't matter where you are or who you're talking to...

It doesn't matter if you're at a 5-star resort running a weekend seminar for hundreds of people or at home connecting 1:1 with a client, online...

What matters is what you say in a session.

Knowing how to maximize every conversation in every one of your coaching sessions is the ONE key thing that will shape the outcome your clients can look forward to now, tomorrow, next month, and even years in the future.

So, if you want to deliver outstanding results, if you want to make a difference with the work that you do and if you want to create lasting transformations and change lives...

You need to understand the nuts and bolts to what goes into a transformational coaching session and that's what this Ultimate Guide is all about.

By the time you're done, you'll know how to apply the elements of a powerful coaching structure so you can start to create consistent results for your clients.

Everything you learn in this guide is based on thousands of hours of deeply effective, result-driven coaching by some of the world's best teachers and coaches at Evercoach.

You'll get the knowledge and action steps you need to help clients go from where they are when they first start to work with you, all the way to where they want to be...and even beyond that!

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powerful coaching session conversation

It's important to understand that the world's top coaches stay open to new ideas. They're always looking for opportunities to test and experiment with what they learn.

So, whatever you do, don't turn the principles in this guide into a "coaching straightjacket" -- a restrictive, set of rules that you feel you MUST follow.

See this guide for what it is... a guide! Learn the principles and then give yourself permission to mix, match, and develop your own unique framework. 

So, are you ready to deliver powerful, transformational coaching sessions that will help your clients hit their goals and live their dreams? 

Let's get started!

The Power Of A Coaching Structure


The Power Of
A Coaching Structure

If you're like most coaches, the idea of creating "structure" in your coaching sessions makes you want to run as far and as fast as you can.

The Power Of A Coaching Structure

You might even feel like introducing structure to your sessions can - and will - squeeze every last drop of creativity from what you do but here's the thing...

The world's best coaches rely on powerful session structures or formats to deliver results for their clients.

World-class coaches are always willing to go with the flow so they can give their clients what they need in the moment, but make no mistake...

Coaches who know their stuff have a clear and defined structure that supports every one of their sessions and that's exactly why they're at the top of their game

The truth is structure in a coaching session is not limiting, it's not boring and it's absolutely necessary.

In fact, a reliable session structure is the thing that will create freedom for you as the coach... It is essential in your journey on how to become a transformational coach.

It sets you free to safely experiment with creative ideas and to provide the highest level of transformation and results for your client every time they have a session with you.

Ultimately, that's what coaching is all about... results. With the changing climate in what people look for in coaching — especially in 2021 — results are more important than ever.

Structures are powerful and even critical in a coaching session because you have a format or system to work with.

When you have a session structure that you can rely on, you'll save a ton of time and energy that you would otherwise spend on researching and coming up with ideas on what you need to do next with each client.

example of a great coaching session structure

If you're working with a new client, a session structure creates a sense of comfort and direction because you're not doing things at random...

You're following a defined path.

Your clients will see that your questions are targeted and focused, and that you're not jumping from one thought to the next (this can create deep uncertainty and doubt in your abilities and skills as a coach).

In 2021, when the world is going through drastic changes and adjustments on account of the Pandemic and its implications, it becomes more pertinent to have a focused structure incorporated into your transformational coaching model.

So, what does an awesome session structure look like?

While there's no such thing as a "one size fits all" answer, some of the most effective and transformational session structures out there include these 3 power-packed steps:

3-step coaching session structure

We'll be exploring each of these in the following chapters.

Right now, it's good to take stock and retune your mindset in the Take Action Section, so you can easily implement what you're about to learn in the rest of this guide.

take action section

The following questions will give you clarity on where you are as a coach right now and help you open up your mind so you are ready to integrate structure into your coaching sessions.

Question #1

What are some of your strengths working with clients in a coaching session?

Eg: you are able to quickly establish rapport and trust with your client, you can quickly understand what they're thinking even if they don't say it out loud.

Question #2

What are some of your challenges working with clients in a coaching session?

Eg: running over the session time, not knowing what to do next in the middle of a session, feeling overwhelmed with the client's issues..

Question #3

What are some of your fears or doubts around introducing structure in your coaching sessions?

Question #4

Are you willing to experiment with structure in your coaching sessions?
If you said yes, proceed to the next chapter.
If you said no, it's time to retune your mindset and make a commitment.

Conscious commitment will help you open your mind to working with structure so take a deep breath and say the following out loud:

"I <insert your name> understand that some of the world's best coaches use structure to create transformational sessions for their clients. I commit to experimenting and testing the power of structure in my coaching sessions so I can create awesome results for my clients."

Repeat as many times as you want to. When you feel ready, move on to the next chapter.

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