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Step #3

The Takeaway

You've started with the Lead Up, you followed up with the Breakthrough, now it's time to bring it home with the Takeaway.

The good news is, when you implement The Lead Up and The Breakthrough, the 3rd and final piece falls into place easily and naturally.

The Takeaway is all about what your clients take with them after you end your session.

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This is a critical part of a transformational coaching sessions structure because if your client has no idea or cannot remember what they learned and if they don't take action after the session is over, change and transformation will NOT happen.

The Takeaway sets your clients up for success in their day to day life and if you want your sessions to be truly transformational, you need to make sure every, single client you work with walks away knowing:

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Transformational coaching sessions usually cover a lot of ground and they go deep. This means your client was probably introduced to new information during your time together...

Information that will stretch and expand their thinking.

This can create inner resistance and even uneasiness as your client explores ideas that are likely to require uncomfortable changes.

This is a lot for most people to deal with.

What happens then is the second they leave the session, all those juicy, mind-expanding information and knowledge fades from memory.

So, if you want your clients to get the most of their time with you, they need to understand exactly what they learned or discovered during the session.

The Takeaway at the end of each session must also include clear action items or action steps so your client knows what to do next.

Here's the thing...

Most coaches don't know how to coach clients to make sure they understand the action steps that need to happen after each session because they think the coach's job ends when the session ends.

That's absolutely not true.

While it's not your responsibility to follow your client home, hold their hand, and make sure they take every single action they need to take to reach their goals, it is definitely your job to make sure your client understands what those actions are.

Your job is to make sure they are clear on what they need to do to get where they want to go and that's exactly what the Takeaway segment is for.

So, take a few minutes at the end of each session to define those next steps.

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You can offer ideas and you can certainly hold them accountable by checking in on their progress in the next session but let them choose what they want to do so they are fully committed and empowered in their own progress. 

Your role as a powerful, transformational coach is to know how to coach and guide your clients so they can move forward during your coaching sessions and after each session, when they're on their own.

As master coach Ajit Nawalkha says,

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What do Transformational Coaches do?

Being a successful coach is all about delivering transformational coaching sessions for your clients. It is at the crux of what you do.

These transformational coaching sessions aim to bring about a change in the client. As we visited earlier in the chapter, you need to make sure your client understands what the actions are that they imbibed from your session. 

You can do this by incorporating it into your transformational coaching model.

You can start slow, and start experimenting with this in your coaching session samples, and soon you’ll discover how this fits right into your transformational coaching equation.

The Takeaway from each session is therefore an important part of your journey as a transformational coach. Leveraging the most out of an effective takeaway segment in your sessions helps you establish the fact that your coaching styles are not just inspirational but also transformational.

Incorporating the steps that your client can take after your transformational session is an important part of what they take away from the session. If your client does not remember what they learned and if they don't take the requisite actions once the session is over, then the chances of transformation become dim. As a coach, you need to drive your client's transformational journey through your Takeaway session.

take action section

You can use the following questions to create a powerful Takeaway segment for your transformational coaching sessions.

These questions will also help your clients stay accountable as they commit to absorbing new knowledge to take action that creates results:

Question #1

How are you doing and what's been going on in your life/business/relationships?

Question #2

What are some of the next steps we should take?

Question #3

How will you hold yourself accountable for the goals you set today?

Question #4

How can I partner with you to enhance your accountability?

The Coaching Session Planner


The Coaching Session Planner

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Discover Our Proven Formula For Delivering A Transformative Coaching Session Every Time, For Every Client

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