The Fundamental Of Coaching


Pillar #2:
Your Methodology

Now that you've worked through the first pillar, it's time to look at Pillar #2 - your methodology.

Your coaching methodology is basically "the how."

It's how you impact your clients and how you transform lives.

There are a range of elements related to your coaching methodology -- strategies, techniques, systems, processes and your natural, inborn gifts as a coach -- but the most important thing to focus on, especially when you're starting out, has to do with creating results.

Here's why...

No matter who your client is and what their problem or challenge is, they want one thing from you -- results.

Results look different for different clients.

It could be a personal growth goal, a career or business goal, it could about wealth, health, or an experience. Sometimes it's even a whole new life or reality but whatever it is, it's your job as a coach to help your client get what they want.

The truth is, being able to create real results for clients is the difference between a coach who struggles with paying the bills and a booked-out coach who's making a difference in the world.

So when it comes to building your coaching methodology, focus your energy, attention, time and training on creating results in the most effective, efficient way.

Most coaching methodologies are a combination of 2 factors:

The Fundamental Of Coaching


The Fundamental Of Coaching


And both factors go hand in hand.

The Fundamental Of Coaching


Knowledge is the basic "how to" of coaching which you can learn from books, podcasts, and posts. Live coaching training, seminars, and online courses and programs are also great for developing your knowledge and expertise as a coach.

The Fundamental Of Coaching


Coaching techniques are specific procedures and processes you can use during your work with clients. Techniques are a crucial part of every coach's toolkit and in most cases, the more you learn about coaching and the more knowledge you gain, the better you'll be at applying the right coaching techniques when you're in a session with a client.

The Fundamental Of Coaching

When you've built a solid foundation on coaching knowledge and techniques, and you want to go deeper with creating results for your clients, it's time to add one of the most important tools you'll ever have as a coach...

Insight-based coaching.

This is about going above and beyond knowledge and techniques.

It has to do with present moment awareness and bringing ALL of yourself to the table when you're working with a client.

Insight-based coaching asks for your full focus, attention, all of your talent and gifts in listening, understanding and reading your client's body language.

Insight-based coaching is sometimes called intuitive coaching because it has a lot to do with connecting into your intuition or going with your gut when you're with a client.

Understand that your ability to use insight-based coaching does not happen overnight, so don't be disappointed if you don't instantly receive "intuitive hits" or a "gut feel" on what you should do next with a client.

This is high-level coaching and it comes with time and practice.  

Insight-based coaching becomes part of your methodology when you've already had some experience under your belt as a working coach and you're starting to attract high performers as clients such as CEOs, leading entrepreneurs and professional athletes.

Having said that, it's never too early to start practicing insight-based coaching and some of our most popular trainings or Evercoach are centered around this methodology.

The Fundamental Of Coaching
The Fundamental Of Coaching

Consciously building your own coaching methodology around your own gifts and talents is one of the smartest, most empowering steps you can take, as you begin your journey to becoming an extraordinary coach.

The following questions will help you kickstart the process of building your personal coaching methodology:

Question #1

What are your natural talents as a coach?

List them out.

Example: Maybe you're a great listener or you have an uncanny ability to ask questions that trigger life-changing "a-ha" moments for your clients.

Question #2

What are your favorite coaching techniques?

If you don't know any yet, check out our Ultimate Guide on Powerful Coaching Techniques for ideas.

Question #3

What are some of the biggest learnings and insights you've gained from taking courses, trainings or attending live coaching events?

List them out.

If you're brand new to coaching, check out our list of excellent courses here.

Question #4

Learning from other world class coaches is one of the most powerful ways to experience different coaching methodologies to start creating your own.

Name 3 coaches you can learn from either through in person mentoring or by reading books they've written - such as The Book of Coaching -- or taking their courses.

The Fundamental Of Coaching
The Fundamental Of Coaching