The Fundamental Of Coaching


Pillar #3:
Your Coaching Business

If you want to be a professional, world-class coach, if you want to work with great clients, you need to see coaching as more than just a skill...

You need to see it as a business.

Your successful, thriving, and sustainable coaching business.

And so many coaches resist doing this because of a simple 4-letter word...

The Fundamental Of Coaching

If you're like most coaches out there, you love to serve but you hate to sell... this isn't surprising!

Like so many kind, generous, heart-centered people, you might believe being good at sales is about being pushy, sleazy and maybe even dishonest.

You might have had bad experiences with sales people in the past, maybe you know someone who was taken for a ride by a used car salesman or it could be that you purchased a product that turned out to be very different than was advertised.

Or maybe you just have an innate fear of rejection or clients turning down your offer because they can't afford it or feel it's not worth it.

So many amazing and talented coaches can't make a living out of their passion and grow a sustainable coaching business due to this paralyzing fear of selling and enrolling.

Whatever your reason is, sales and selling have a bad rep, but if you want to be a successful coach, if you want to continue helping people and paying your bills at the same time...

You need to change how you feel about selling.

So here are some radical thoughts to reflect on ...

What if sales and selling wasn't sleazy or pushy?

What if selling is love?

This might sound kind of crazy but when you think about it, you'll see it's true.

The basic definition of sales and selling is the act of offering a product or service in exchange for money.

And you're offering a life-changing, transformational journey to help your clients achieve their biggest goals and dreams... what better service could there be, and most deserving of charging what you're worth in exchange of that?

The Fundamental Of Coaching

What makes it sleazy, pushy and sometimes dishonest is not the act of selling but the person doing the selling.

Selling is love when you learn to shift the energy behind every sale you make.

Keep in mind...

Every professional, every expert, everyone in service, everyone who creates a product is fundamentally a sales person.

We don't think of doctors or attorneys as sales people but they are.

When money changes hands, when there is an exchange between the customer, client or patient and the professional offering the service, guess what? It's a sale and there's nothing wrong with that because nothing happens in the world when there is no "sale."

Mother Theresa sold her message of love and care for the poor, sick and needy. Nelson Mandela sold the idea of fighting against racial segregation.

The Dalai Lama is selling peace.

If you believe in something, if you fight for it, if you support it, you're selling it and that's why selling can be all that is good, true and beautiful in the world.

That's why selling is love.

When you see selling and sales as love, having enrollment conversations with potential coaching clients and building a profitable coaching business can start to feel easy.

You'll stop feeling like you need to "get clients" or push people "to hire you" or "buy your programs or courses."

Instead you'll see what you're actually doing...

Offering service, support, strategies, and love.

You'll see that you no longer need people to buy.

You no longer need to sell and enroll.

You no longer need people to do anything.

Clients will happily come searching to work with you!

The Fundamental Of Coaching

All you have to do is serve with love and when you come from that deep, authentic place, you'll offer your products, programs or coaching sessions from an aligned energetic space within yourself.

You'll release the neediness and grasping that make most people want to run away from sales people.

Your verbal and non-verbal communication -- your body language, tone, voice, posture, facial expressions -- will naturally change to match this new energy of service.

You'll start seeing more people respond to you positively. You'll start showing up with more confidence and ease, and really be present in the moment instead of being anxious thinking about the upcoming enrollment conversation. You'll notice clients eager to sign up and work with you and a ton of referrals coming your way.

There are a lot of business strategies and techniques that you can use to build a successful coaching business, but shifting your energy around sales is probably the biggest needle-mover of all.

So, master this mantra and say it to yourself again and again:

Selling is love.

Understand it, feel it, believe it, embody it, live it. You'll find that you can easily build a powerful reputation as an authentic loving coach and you'll start to attract and "sell" to clients with almost no effort at all.

The Fundamental Of Coaching

You can quickly start shifting your energy and tuning into the "selling is love" mindset when you ask yourself the following questions before an enrollment conversation with a potential client:

Question #1

How can I help my client create the changes they want to create?

Question #2

How can I serve and coach powerfully during this enrollment conversation?

Question #3

What are some interesting, unexpected ways I can support and help my client during this conversation?

The Fundamental Of Coaching


How To Become A Coach

As you take the first step towards greatness, stop to acknowledge that what you are about to uncover is nothing new. The potential has always existed!

Know that the butterflies in your stomach are not anxiety, but excitement at the prospect of scaling new heights.

Also, know that waiting to set all your ducks in a row will never work. There will be no perfect time in the future.

The time is NOW!

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The Fundamental Of Coaching

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