Exponential Element #3:
10x Thinking

10% faster, smarter, better.

It's what most people go for.

It's what most coaches go for.

But it's not what exponential coaches. do

Exponential coaching demands 10x thinking.

In some circles, 10x thinking is known as a "moonshot" or a "moonshot goal" which comes from President John. F. Kennedy's dream...

He motivated an entire country to go for something so big and so extraordinary that it was literally out of this world!

10x thinking is like that.

This is thinking on a level that's so high and so unbelievable, people start to believe you're crazy.

This is thinking that creates radical solutions to solve massive problems. 

This is thinking that's not just outside the box... but outside the entire planet.

Go big or go home.

Exponential coaches believe in that because they know that "average" goals lead to average people.

They know that "10% better" just isn't enough.

When you aim for something you can easily achieve, something that's within your reach in terms of skill or character or potential, everything stays the same.

Nothing changes.

You don't have to push yourself, you don't have to dance outside your comfort zone. 

You don't have to find courage, strength or motivation to go beyond what you thought you're capable of and you end up with ordinary results and very little - or no - satisfaction.

10x thinking creates a whole different dimension.

When you motivate clients to go big and bold with their goals and dreams, you're leading them into exciting new territory... You're changing the game completely and you're guiding them to become high performers.

Think about it...

High performers never ever go for ordinary.

A champion athlete doesn't target a bronze medal at the Olympics.

A world-class entrepreneur doesn't dream of running a small business.

An incredibly talented violinist doesn't aim to just play for friends and family at home.

10x thinking taps into gifts and skills most clients don't even know they have and it challenges and stretches clients in a positive, powerful way.

10x empowers them see that they are capable of far more than they thought possible.

You know you've mastered the Exponential Element
of 10x Thinking when:


Before you can take your clients into 10x thinking, you need to practice it in your own life. Starting today, look at your world through the lens of "10x thinking."

This is your time to go wild. Think about the changes you would like to make in your life and work as a coach. Think about the transformations you'd like to see in yourself. Think about the resistance you've had around some of your secret goals and dreams because you didn't think you could ever achieve them.

Then, move into 10x thinking and don't hold back. 10x thinking needs courage, boldness and just a little bit of crazy!

10x thinking is about far more than greatness... it's about possibility.

Answer the following questions and use your answers to come up with at least 3 10x goals:

  1. What have you always wanted to achieve but were too afraid to go for?
  2. What do you think is "outside" your reach? What do you think is "impossible?" Why?
  3. How can you 10x your results, your experiences, your adventures and your daily life?

Now Create Your 10x Goals

10x Goal #1

10x Goal #2

10x Goal #3


Exponential Element #4:

Pop quiz: What are the 4 most important words in coaching?

I believe in you.

It's a phrase that starts with "I" but ends in "you" and that's what coaching is about...

It's about the "you" -- the client -- not the coach.

It's about championing the client and it's about guiding and leading your client to get the results they're looking for.

Here's the thing...

Leadership in exponential coaching is not like leadership anywhere else.

This not about telling your client what to do or instructing them to choose a path you think is best.

This is not about getting your client to do everything you say.

It's the opposite.

Leadership in exponential coaching is about leading and following.

It's about knowing when to get out front and get your clients to follow...

And when to hold back and be the follower.

What does this mean?

Exponential coaches are humble and open-hearted in everything they do and their approach to leadership is about being the best they can be and learning from anyone, anywhere and at anytime.

They are happy to receive ideas, insights, aha's from their kids, their partners, their team members, their peers and even their competitors, so they can bring what they learn into their client work and make things happen.

The leadership element in exponential coaching is also about being vulnerable and sharing hard lessons.  

Being authentic and honest is a big part of it and exponential coaches are not about "looking good" in front of their clients.

They're not about "hiding" their own mistakes to keep up appearances. They are open to appropriately and thoughtfully sharing their own struggles and limits if it will help the client feel seen, heard and understood so they can create what they want.

Leadership in the exponential context is always about focusing on real world results for clients even if things are awkward or uncertain in the moment.

In a coaching session, exponential leadership can be seen when a coach says things or asks questions that temporarily creates discomfort in the client.

The exponential coach knows that it's about achieving the outcome the client is looking for and that sometimes means the client has to hear what they need to hear... Not what they want to hear.

Exponential coaching and the element of leadership is not about being liked or loved by the client at all times...

But about creating the results the clients wants.

The leadership element in exponential coaching also comes through as accountability and showing up fully.

The client brings 100% of themselves to each coaching session and after...

And the coach does the same.

This is leadership in partnership and it's one of the most powerful elements in exponential coaching.

You know you've mastered the Exponential Element
of Leadership when:


Leadership in the context of exponential coaching must be cultivated with conscious awareness.

Over the next few days, look for opportunities to learn and lead with humility. Practice being vulnerable, open and authentic with people in your life.

Start sharing stories about yourself that you never have before... you could do this on social media or share with friends and family.

The idea is to get to a place where you are no longer uncomfortable with being vulnerable. This will help you open up and share thoughtfully with clients.

Understand that leadership in exponential coaching is about fully showing up as a coach and holding your client up to the same standard to create exponential results.

List 3 stories about yourself or your experiences that you're willing to share with clients from a place of humility and vulnerability. 

Story #1

Story #2

Story #3