Exponential Element #5:

First thing to know about strategy is this...

It's not the same as tactics.

Most coaches confuse the two but exponential coaches know the difference.

Tactics are what you see everywhere. These are the run-of-the-mill, generic coaching techniques you'll see in blogs and books.

They're cookie cutter methods to solve problems and while there is some value to them, they're not what the exponential coach relies on.

The strategy element is about creating a custom methodology or practice for your clients to use, so they can transform and change from the inside out.

Strategy in exponential coaching is essentially a powerful, high-level plan of action not a to-do list.

In exponential coaching, creating a custom strategy for clients means carefully evaluating each individual client. It's about going deep into their personality, behavior, influences, beliefs - the incredibly powerful internal triggers that can make or break their journey to the top.

Crafting a powerful strategy is also about looking at what's going on outside the client.

What's their environment like? Where do they live? Where do they work? Do they have a quiet place they can go to where they can think and reflect?

Do they have a workspace that inspire productivity? Are they in a peaceful home environment that allows them as they go for their goals with confidence and clarity?

Work with the client to identify and repair weaknesses in their internal world and in their environment, so they can stay on track and keep going for their goals.

The priority here is boosting the level of nurturing and support they receive.

Goal-oriented, high performing clients tend to put themselves last so make sure you address this and highlight the importance of self-care as they begin to create the life they want to live.

The strategy element also covers what the client needs to do - the skills and expertise they need -- to achieve their goals.

Share techniques and tools from your coaching toolkit to help them move to the next level and also look at other resources such as books, seminars, and workshops that will benefit them.

Something important to keep in mind...

When you're working on a strategy with your client, focus on a few key tools and techniques.
Never overwhelm a client with too many ideas because you'll end up blocking their progress.
Think about including a handful of powerful practices and techniques in the strategy that will create maximum impact and results.

You know you've mastered the Exponential Element
of Strategy when:


Knowing how to create a strategy that actually works to get clients to their goals is one of the most important traits of an exponential coach.

The strategy element in exponential coaching is incredibly personalized and customized to suit the client, their lifestyle, they inner motivations, and their external environment.

This requires a deep understanding and clarity on who your client is and what they truly want and need...

The following questions will help you gain that understanding and clarity.

It is recommended that you work with these questions yourself before you move on to your client. Cultivating self-understanding and finding your own inner motivations and triggers will instantly give you a clear picture on how to successfully apply this with your clients.

Question #1

If you had an extra hour every day what would you do with it?

Question #2

What is your biggest fear?

Question #3

Why do you want to achieve this goal?

Question #4

What's the first thing you'd do after you achieve your goal?

Question #5

What are the top 3 things standing between you and what you want right now?


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