The Most Powerful Element
In Content Creation

The most memorable, powerful, transformational content is built around a story.

Studies show the human brain makes sense of the world through story and even more important than that, people absolutely love -- and are irresistibly drawn to -- stories.

When you know how to weave stories into your content, whether that's audio, video or written posts, you get to instantly level up everything you create, plus you'll organically attract more people to read and watch everything you share.

Story-based content creates transformations more quickly and more effectively than any other kind of content because the second people realize you're telling a story, they relax and take in the message minus resistance.

This means all of your teachings, and strategies and ideas are more likely to land, to connect and be remembered when you include stories in your posts and videos.

Now, most coaches believe they need to be a brilliant writer to create great story-based content but here's the good news...

That's totally false!

Just about anyone can create great story-based content even if you happen to believe you can't write to save your life and here's the reason...

Stories - all stories - are based on a very simple 3-act structure that anyone can follow.

This structure is used extensively in movie scripts, novels and other forms of narrative and it works perfectly for business-based content too.

3-Act Story Structure:

Here's a powerful, real world example of how the 3-Act Structure works based on an excerpt that was shared on Facebook by Co-Founder of Evercoach and Master Coach Ajit Nawalkha.

As you can see, the story is weaved expertly throughout the post and it received a TON of engagement and comments -- people absolutely loved it!

Don't worry if you don't think you can write like this just yet... like all things worth doing, this skill comes with practice.

Your 3-Act Story can be as long or as short as you want and each act doesn't have to be the same length as the other acts (as with the example, above).

Story-based posts and content are without a doubt the most powerful and the most transformational content you can create as a coach, so go ahead and get started practicing in the Take Action Section below.

Melyssa Griffin with long hair
Melyssa Griffin with long hair
Melyssa Griffin with long hair
Melyssa Griffin with long hair
Melyssa Griffin with long hair
Melyssa Griffin with long hair

Here's a simple template you can use to practice story-based content creation.

ACT #1

The Setup

What's an action, idea or question that's interesting and intriguing that's related to your message? What's something you can say that evokes curiosity? 

Tip: The Setup has just one job - to get people reading the rest of your content!

ACT #2

The Essence

How can you inspire people to care? What's the action or experience you want to share and what's the transformation that took place?

ACT #3

The Resolution

What did you learn and what do you want people to learn or do after reading or watching your content? What's something that can inspire and motivate people to create positive changes in their life?


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