The Truth About
Metrics In Content Creation

A lot of coaches are guilty of suffering from the "refresh syndrome."

It's when you share content and you keep hitting "refresh" again and again... waiting for the likes, comments or shares to come up.

This approach is doomed to fail because likes, comments and shares - or what some experts call vanity metrics - mean absolutely nothing and here's why...

Vanity metrics can show you how many people read or watched your piece of content, and they're a measure of how many people you reached and how many of them engaged or connected with you, but the truth is...

The only metric to care about as a coach is TRANSFORMATION.

You know transformation has happened when someone who has never liked your blog post or left a review on your podcast or shared your video...

Someone who has never commented, never shared your content, walks up to you at an event or messages you online and says something like, "I've been following you for years, and I want to work with you!"

You need to remember there are a whole lot of people in your audience who will never like, never comment and never share, but they are consuming and following your advice and your ideas and making a positive change in their life...

And some of these people will decide to work with you and ONLY you because of the transformational content you put out there.

That's the power of the metric of transformation and that's the only metric that counts in the long-term.

You don't need 10,000 people to like your posts and your videos. You don't even need 1,000 people or 100 people.

If there's just a handful of people who like or comment on your content, that's 2 or 3 or 5 people who are transformed and who can potentially reach out to you...

And that's all you need as you're building your coaching business.

So, let's look at how the metric of transformation works in terms of income. Here's an example...

This is a straightforward and easy-to-implement strategy that isn't about going crazy and posting 5 times or 10 times a day on every single social media platform known to humankind!

Keep in mind that coaching is a business based on real connections, relationships and trust and it's based around deeper coaching and longer term engagements so it's not about how many people like your content...

It's about the quality of connection through your content that will lead to exponential growth and success in your business.
Melyssa Griffin with long hair
Melyssa Griffin with long hair
Melyssa Griffin with long hair
Melyssa Griffin with long hair
Melyssa Griffin with long hair
Melyssa Griffin with long hair
Melyssa Griffin with long hair
Melyssa Griffin with long hair
Melyssa Griffin with long hair

Time to think about the metric of transformation and how it relates to the income in your business.

Answer the following questions to get an idea about how many engagements and enrolment conversations you need to reach your income goal.

Note: Use the example in this chapter as a guide and use your answers to work out your basic content creation strategy.

Question #1

How much income would you like to create in your business each month?

Question #2

What are your offerings (i.e 1:1 sessions, group coaching etc) and what are the price points for each one?

Question #3

How many people do you need to connect with and have enrolment conversations with to reach your monthly income goal?

Question #4

How many people do you need to engage with each week and each day to reach your weekly enrolment conversations number?

Question #5

How often do you need to post and share content, to reach the level of engagement you want based on your answer to question #4?


Choosing Transformational
Topics For Content Creation

No matter what your end goal is -- sign on more 1:1 clients, fill a group program, offer a course or training event -- content creation and content-based marketing can get you there. 

However, you must know how to create content that connects with the heart because finding the right coaching clients comes from one thing...

Conversations. Deep meaningful conversations with potential clients.

So, when you're writing or sharing content, it's not about creating false scarcity and urgency or any of the other "persuasion" and "influence" tips and tactics a lot of marketing experts talk about.

You need to write about and share what matters - what truly matters - to you, the coach, and that's why it's important to choose the right topics.

Your first step is to start thinking of every single post, audio and video that you share, every Tweet, every image and caption on Instagram, as your chance to share something that matters to you.


Here are 4 key categories or "Content Buckets" or themes you can use to accomplish this:

Here's something not a lot of people know about content creation for coaches...

Unfortunately, a lot of coaches have it backwards...

They believe content creation is 90% of what they know - their teachings, strategies and techniques - and 10% of who they are but it's actually the other way around.

Sharing who you are can be a little scary because you'll be putting yourself out there and you're things are going to get personal but know this...

Don't feel like you have to talk about your deepest darkest experiences or trauma from your past if you don't want to.

The difference between the private and personal information is the answer to this question...

So, if you're going through a messy divorce, you don't need to share the details of what's going on because when you ask that question, your answer will be a big, fat NO...

This means it's private information not personal.

They need to understand and connect with your humanity, your personality, your quirks, the things that you love, the things you don't love and how you plan to show up and change the world.

That's the secret to coming up with topics and ideas that make a difference and that attract your ideal clients and compel them to reach out to you

That's the secret to creating content that resonates, that connects and that eventually leads to a loyal audience and clients who love you and can't wait to work with you.

In this chapter, you discovered 4 powerful content buckets or themes. Now it's time to brainstorm specific topics in these buckets.

If you're not sure if your topics are private or personal, apply the filter question - Will this serve my audience?

By the end of this exercise you'll have 12 powerful, content topics and ideas to share with your audience

Content Bucket #1: Your Beliefs

Topic #1

Topic #2

Topic #3

Content Bucket #2: Your Philosophies

Topic #1

Topic #2

Topic #3

Content Bucket #3: Your Personal and Professional Transformations

Topic #1

Topic #2

Topic #3

Content Bucket #4: The Transformations You've Helped Your Clients Experience

Topic #1

Topic #2

Topic #3