The Ultimate Guide To Content Creation For Coaches

How to Grow a Successful, Sustainable Coaching Business with Powerful, Transformational Content

Create content.
Create content.
Create content.

It's the catchphrase, the chant, the neverending mantra you that answers this question...

Pretty much any marketing or business guru will tell you that content creation is a must if you want to expand your coaching business but here's the problem... how do you do it?

How do you come up with endless powerful, transformational content that attracts and connects deeply with your ideal clients?

So many coaches feel like growing their business with content creation and content marketing is like battling a demon that can never be satisfied...

They feel like no matter how much content they produce, it's never enough and it's never good enough.

This leads to a lot of fear, doubt, and procrastination.

It leads to feeling stuck, uncertain, and frustrated when it comes to content creation.

This Guide is designed to get you out of that "stuck in a rut" space and out of fear, doubt, and procrastination.

You're about to learn how to shift your thoughts and feelings so you can start creating content for your coaching business with clarity and confidence.

You'll also discover proven, repeatable techniques and strategies that will get you writing, recording and sharing transformational content that get all the right people to sit up and take notice.

You'll also learn how to use content to establish your expertise in your niche and build a rock-solid reputation as an extraordinary coach.

So, are you ready to become a rockstar content creator for your coaching business?

Thought you might say that! Let's roll!


Your Content
Creation Mindset

If you constantly find yourself fighting against procrastination, doubt and frustration when you need to write or record videos for your coaching business, here's something critical you need to know ...

You have powerful limiting beliefs and false fears holding you back from becoming a confident content creator.

One of the biggest limiting beliefs coaches have goes something like this...

"You're only as good as the content you put out there."

In other words, they think:

This belief triggers a lot of fear around creating videos, blog posts, emails, social media posts, podcasts, and any other form of content to share on different social media platforms. 

It makes us procrastinate from taking action and actually sharing our content. From sharing our gifts with the world and being of service.

There are also a whole lot of other fears and beliefs around content creation including things like...

The truth is, if you want to get to the space where creating content starts to feel inspiring, easy and maybe even fun, you need to work on ONE key thing...

Your mindset.

The right mindset is the most powerful tool you can have in your content creation toolkit.

It's more powerful than great writing skills and perfect video scripts and anything else you can think of, and here's why...

If you have a limiting, restricting mindset around content creation, you will always believe that your content isn't good enough and that you are not good enough.

When this happens, you'll find it challenging - maybe even impossible - to create and share your teachings, messages and ideas with the world and it's all over before it's even begun!

So, let's get your mindset straight and here's how you can do that...

Forget content for now and focus on context.

As a coach, all you need to do when you're creating and sharing content is to SERVE.
a woman with a scarf on her head
a woman with a scarf on her head
a woman with a scarf on her head
a woman with a scarf on her head
a woman with a scarf on her head
a woman with a scarf on her head
a woman with a scarf on her head
a woman with a scarf on her head
a woman with a scarf on her head
a woman with a scarf on her head
a woman with a scarf on her head
a woman with a scarf on her head
a woman with a scarf on her head
a woman with a scarf on her head
a woman with a scarf on her head
a woman with a scarf on her head
a woman with a scarf on her head

Co-Founder of Evercoach and master coach Ajit Nawalkha says, Serve Love Every Day.

So, shift your mindset from what you can get and how you're going to be seen and received when you share your content and think about your content as a service to your audience.

Look at it this way...

If the deepest level of service you can give is your 1:1 coaching or group coaching, creating content is your powerful, "micro service" to people.

So, every piece of content you put out needs to have just one goal... service.

This is not about self-promotion and it's not even about building your personal brand.

It's about sharing valuable, insightful, and inspirational content to others, and creating impact and transformation in people's lives through that message.

Before we move into topics, writing structure and everything else you need to know, let's look at what you believe and what you're saying to yourself in your heart and mind about content creation.

Ask yourself right now...

"What are some of the limiting beliefs that are holding me back from creating content for my coaching business?"

Write these down on a journal or piece of paper. Write down what are the beliefs that are limiting your and your potential. Then, write down what you could create if you could overcome these limiting beliefs.

Ask yourself:

"What impact could I create in people's lives and in my own if I were to start sharing content with my audience? How can I serve others through my content?"

Now, it's time to make a commitment to let go of these beliefs and any fears, negative thoughts and ideas around content creation.

Take a moment, take a deep breath and say this out loud:

"Content creation is service. Content creation is love. I commit to my #1 job as a coach to serve and love, every single day."

Think of this as your fresh start - right here, right now - as you begin your journey to becoming a confident, transformational content creator for your coaching business.