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January 4, 2022

54. How To Get Clients Consistently

Start Strong Series Day #2. To kick off 2022, we're releasing a 5-day series to answer some of the most burning questions from the coaching community that will help you launch and grow your coaching business this 2022. In this second episode of the...

Start Strong Series Day #2. To kick off 2022, we're releasing a 5-day series to answer some of the most burning questions from the coaching community that will help you launch and grow your coaching business this 2022.

In this second episode of the series, we’ll be talking about how to get clients consistently. This is a common struggle among coaches and the main reason why so many coaching businesses fail, and many believe it’s because there aren’t enough potential clients out there. But that’s simply not true!

Once you’ve identified your coaching niche (if you haven’t yet, we recommend listening to the previous Episode #53 to find out), it’s all about having the right mindset and tools to approach and enroll clients. Coach Ajit will bust this myth once and for all, and share crucial 3 paradigm shifts that will forever change the way you approach enrollments so you can start getting coaching clients consistently.

"Marketing does not create clients. Conversations, communication, value, product... These things create clients." – Ajit Nawalkha

Dive in to learn about the secret to enrolling clients, how to get clients consistently, what not to do, and so much more.

Key Insights:

  • 3 paradigm shifts about client creation.
  • The real reason why clients work with you.
  • Why marketing is not what you need.
  • The power of building relationships.
  • How to start an enrollment conversation.
  • The key to never running out of clients.

Coach Ajit (00:00):
You are listening to Master Coaching with Ajit podcast that inspires coaches to impact the lives of their clients more meaningfully. I am Coach Ajit and I'm known for coaching high performers, entrepreneurs, and leaders. I'm also a serial entrepreneur and author of many books. On this podcast, I am answering your burning questions. I'm also demonstrating and deconstructing behind the scenes coaching sessions.

Coach Ajit (01:41):
This puts us into a position where we are always asking the question, how do I get clients? How do I get clients consistently? And when you are asking yourself this question of how do I get clients, or how do I get clients consistently? There is a fundamental mistake that happens in the approach that we have towards our clients. You see our clients are never interested in working with a coach. Let me be really honest. Nobody's waking up in the morning and saying today, I would like to enroll with a coach. That is just not how we operate as human beings. You didn't wake up in the morning and said, I should get a coach. You know, I don't have any problems in life, but I want to coach. I have no possibilities that I've considered, but I want to coach. That is not how we operate.

Coach Ajit (02:26):
How we operate really is. We wake up to possibilities. We wake up to challenges in life. We wake up to a consideration that there might be more that is possible for us. And when we wake up to that possibility, that challenge that possibility of more in our life. We wonder how can we make that possibility come true? How can we overcome that challenge? When we are thinking about creating clients? When we are thinking about enrolling clients, when we are thinking about how to get clients consistently, very rarely do we wonder how are we creating results consistently? How are we engaging in conversations consistently? How are we being meaningful to our potential clients consistently? How are we being meaningful to our clients? How are we creating meaningful interactions and conversations with our clients consistently? So maybe as an outcome to that meaningful conversation, to that engaging conversation, to that content or concept or impact that we are able to create with our client may lead to creating a client.

Coach Ajit (03:36):
The fundamental approach of marketing creates client. The understanding that marketing will get you clients is flawed in itself. No marketing creates clients. When you create value, that creates clients. When you create an outstanding product that creates clients, marketing is merely a medium to communicate your value, your product, to your client marketing, doesn't create clients, conversations, communication, value, product. These things create client. Like I said, a client is not saying, wow, that was amazing marketing. I will pay you thousands of dollars for writing that marketing. No client says that. Clients say, thank you so much for adding that much value to me. What can we do more? So I get to live my life in the most beautiful way. I possibly can. Thank you so much for creating that impact in my life. Thank you so much for opening that dialogue for me. Can we work together?

Coach Ajit (04:38):
No enrollment conversation starts by saying, I love your marketing enrollment conversation. Start by saying, I love the impact you've had in my life. I would love to have a conversation about that topic you initiated. I loved our last conversation around this area of my life. These are great openers that show and demonstrate that you were able to establish value. And now maybe there is an opportunity for us to work together. Now, once you understand that nobody's enrolling with you because you're a coach. Nobody's enrolling with you because you have coaching services to offer. Nobody's enrolling with you because you need clients. They're enrolling because they want something from you. Here are some paradigm shifts that will help you stay in the space of being able to create clients. Consistently. The first paradigm shift I invite you to is everybody. Everybody wants a better life. There's almost 8 billion people in the world.

Coach Ajit (05:34):
All 8 billion people want a better life. They want to not be in pain. They want to create a great reality for themselves. They wanna take care of their kids. They wanna be wealthy. They wanna be successful. They wanna be happy. They wanna be joyous. Everybody, everybody, even the most successful person in the world wants an even better life. All of us want a better life in context of relationships, in the context of health, in context of money, in context of parenting in many different contexts, we all want a better life. And that means there are infinite possibilities. There are infinite opportunities for you to be enrolling a client. There is no limitation to what size your coaching business can be. There is no challenge of too many coaches are in the marketplace. If anything, there is too few coaches in the marketplace and there is too many opportunities that haven't been tapped into, which is where I wanna invite you to the second paradigm shift.

Coach Ajit (06:41):
We buy things that we believe will do what they say. We only buy something which promises something. And then we believe that the promise will be fulfilled. When we have made that purchase, our hardened money goes towards things that give us the satisfaction, the joy, the outcomes that it promises. This is why it is so important for you as a coach, to understand that nobody is going to sign up with you unless a value is established between you and your potential client. And the reason is simple. They need to believe that you can create the outcome that you're promising, that you will create if they don't believe that it doesn't matter what your pricing is. They're not going to say yes. And that becomes a critical understanding that you need to have to be able to create clients consistently. And that brings me to the third paradigm shift, which will be a little hard to swallow.

Coach Ajit (07:41):
But if you understand this concept, you will be able to always have a waiting list of clients to work with you. You see the first paradigm shift was there's an abundance of clients. There are 8 billion people. Everybody wants a better life. The second paradigm shift was you need to make them believe. You can actually do what you say. The third paradigm shift is it's not always the right time. You see, while there are 8 billion people in the world, not everybody is ready for change all the time. Everybody wants a better life, but not everybody wants to do the work. Everybody wants the better life, but not everybody is willing to pay what it costs to create a better life. Everybody wants a better life, but sometimes, sometimes our mind, our spirituality, our reality gets in the way. And even if we want the better outcome for us, for one reason or another, we are not able to say yes, but that doesn't mean it's a no, it simply means that the time wasn't right, which means this is not right now, they are not ready right now.

Coach Ajit (08:41):
The opportunity needs to come at the right time for a person to say yes. And that really brings me to how to create clients. Consistently. Every interaction that you have here on forward is an opportunity for you to nurture a relationship, nurture a relationship. It doesn't have to be a friendship, a relationship, a relationship, which has a mutual understanding that you are a powerful being that can create an impact in the person's life. A relationship where there is an understanding that the person across the table from you or by your side, is somebody who could elevate their possibilities, meet their possibilities, meet their goals. Live a better life by interacting with you that you show up fully with all of your power. So they know that when the time is right, when they are ready, when they're ready for that future, you are right there.

Coach Ajit (09:39):
You are right there available for them to take that chance on themselves. You are available right there. So when they have that moment of insight, when life takes a different turn and they say, I am ready for living my full life, I am ready for my possibility. I am ready to do the work they can approach you, and you can approach them our sole job to have a consistent pipeline of clients and have clients consistently and enroll clients consistently is to consistently show up in the most powerful version of ourselves. In every conversation we are involved in, in my coaching career, I have never had to wait for a client. I've never had more than a couple of weeks where I had a space that I could take a new client on. It has never happened. And it is not because I have some unique skill or unique methodology that is not available in the marketplace.

Coach Ajit (10:33):
Heck I train people in my methodology and everybody has access to the same set of people in the world. The reason why I have abundance of clients at any given time is because I am always showing up. I am not thinking about, Hey, now is the season to enroll and now is not the season to enroll. I'm not wondering what's a good time that I can show up for the world in days when I don't show up for the world. If I show up to a conversation, you get all of me. If I am ready to interact, you get all of me. I am not sidestepping. I am not wondering if this person can be my client. I am showing up the most powerful version of myself, hoping that when I leave that conversation, that person that I interacted with felt better, felt elevated, got some value through that interaction.

Coach Ajit (11:22):
And because I am intentional about creating that conversation, that powerfully, that impact that relationship, that powerfully when I am ready. And when I am available, it's easy for me to reach out to such individuals that have already seen the impact that I've made in their lives without charging them a dime to simply ask, I have a opening, would you be interested? And because I have created that impact in their lives, it's a much easier. Yes. From them to work with me, creating clients consistently is not about marketing. It's about building a relationship consistently. You can use social media platforms to build that relationship. You can use advertising to build that relationship. You can use one on one communication or group communication to build that relationship. You can use speaking on stages, hosting workshops, to build that relationship. You can use a podcast to build that relationship.

Coach Ajit (12:14):
You can use a YouTube channel to build that relationship. You can use many formats to build a relationship, but the key always is are you building a relationship consistently? Because if you are, you will never run out of clients. Starting 2022, we wanted to give you the tools, strategies, answers to questions that were most frequently asked by the coaching community. We are doing this for another few episodes where we are taking the questions that have been asked most frequently to us and responding to them on this podcast. If you love the insights and paradigm shifts that we talk about in this episode, go ahead, give us a five star reading. We really appreciate each of the rating. And each of the review that we see on different podcasting platforms, if you have not yet subscribed to master coaching with, I highly encourage you to go do so on the platform that you love listening this podcast on. Also, if you have a friend that is challenged by the idea of how they can get coaching clients consistently we'll share this episode with them, I'm sure they will appreciate it. Thank you so much for tuning in. This is Coach Ajit and you're listening to Master Coaching with Ajit.

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