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June 21, 2022

81. How To Create True Abundance Faster

If you've been trying to achieve a level of abundance in your life that seems impossible to reach, this episode is for you! In today's episode, Coach Ajit shares 4 key principles you need to know to attract true abundance into your life. He also...

If you've been trying to achieve a level of abundance in your life that seems impossible to reach, this episode is for you!

In today's episode, Coach Ajit shares 4 key principles you need to know to attract true abundance into your life. He also shares examples and exercises you can start using immediately to activate your abundance mindset.

Key Insights:

  • What does abundance mean to you?
  • The 4 principles of abundance.
  • How to create true abundance faster.
  • Repetition, repetition, repetition.
  • Why shifting perspectives can completely change the way we see our abundance.
  • A powerful exercise to get yourself into a state of abundance.
  • The secret to attracting abundance into your life.

Speaker 1 (00:00):
You are listening to Master Coaching with Ajit podcast that inspires coaches to impact the lives of their clients more meaningfully. I am Coach Ajit and I'm known for coaching high performers, entrepreneurs, and leaders. I'm also a serial entrepreneur and author of many books. On this podcast, I am answering your burning questions. I'm also demonstrating and deconstructing behind the scenes coaching sessions.

Hello there, beautiful people. The other day, I was in a conversation around abundance, abundance of money, abundance of lifestyle, abundance of relationships, abundance of everything. And one of the key ideas that struck out for me was there are certain principles that for whatever reason, not most people talk about, we talk very often about how our past has created our present and how some of the beliefs that were imparted to us as children have impacted our abundance, which is true. And at the same point in time, very few and very rarely do we hear people talk about what are some of the things and reframes that we can consider that will actually move us towards abundance. And I've identified four principles that I feel not enough people talk about for ideas that not enough people talk about that. I believe that if you embed it in your psychology and in your being, you may be able to create abundance faster for the matter.

I'm pretty certain that if you use these principles in your day to day, you will find more abundance in your life, lot faster, and lot more congruent with what you truly want. Not with the perception of the world thinks is abundance, but what you think is abundance. And I wanna share these four principles because they've been so paramount in my own life, in my own philosophy and how I have been able to create abundance for myself from the point of view of what I think is abundance. So let's go into these principles. The first principle that I wanna explore today is abundance is created through repetition. What does that mean? You see, a lot of us know what you want, or at least we define by defining goals or desires. Whatever is the methodology that you've used. You've said, I wanna make X amount of money.

I wanna live Y kind of lifestyle. And we set that up. We go, okay, that's what I wanna do. And then we review it. Maybe once in six months, we review it once in a year. Maybe we don't review it ever. And we come up with the next set of goals and ideas and desires that we want. And that really is where the challenge lies. Abundance requires you to know what you want, but more importantly. So it requires you to repeat what you want. You need a repetition mechanism that makes it certain to the universe and to yourself that you really want that thing. Let me expand on how that works. The other day, me and my wife were out on the boat. We were out with some friends and family. We were out on the boat because it was my daughter's first birthday. We said, we are gonna celebrate that on a boat.

And while we were on the lake here in Austin, we decided that we wanted to stop the boat at a place so we can jump in the lake. And so we said, oh, the best way, because it was very windy is to drop the anchor. And we are not pro boat people. We haven't really dropped the anchor ever before in our lives, but we said, let's drop the anchor. How hard can this be? We have three guys. We all do strength training. We pick up the anchor, we drop it in the lake. And of course, the boat is stable. Now the boat is stable for a pretty long period of time because you know, we are having fun. We are having a great time. It's maybe 30 minutes or so, while the anchor is in the ground and the boat's going around, but with the anchor being in place, not too far out from where we have planted the anchor, and now it's time for us to leave.

It's time for us to say, you know what? We've had enough. Let's pull the anchor out and let's take the boat. And so one of us goes and tries to pull out the anchor and the anchor's not moving. And then the next person kind of joins in and say, okay, let's do it together. Right? The two people are trying and a little bit moves, but naturally going anywhere. And so all three of us go into it and we start trying to pull the anchor and we go, holy cow, the anchor's not moving with three individuals. And we all strength train. So we're kind of doubting our training a little bit. Here. We are going, why is this anchor not moving? What is this crazy thing? The anchor should move. We dropped this anchor. Like one of us did not even three people were required and anchor's not coming out.

And so we panicked. We go, oh my God, what did we do? What did we do? We keep trying. We keep trying. Finally, we are like, let's call the guys we rented the boat from, because we don't know what to do. And so we call the person, we go, Hey, uh, we try to pull this anchor out. It's not coming out. What should we do? And the person on the other end, funnily says, it's an anchor. Of course, it's not gonna just come out because you're pulling it. The boat's been pulling it for 30 minutes and it didn't come out. So it's not gonna come out that way. There's a technique to this. The technique is you move the boat towards the side of the anchor and then slowly pull it up. And you'll be able to pull up the anchor and surely enough in the next 10 minutes, you were able to pull the whole anchor out.

And we were like, wow, this is great. Why do I tell you the story is because most of us have an anchor that we've placed around abundance in our life. And that anchor is something that is impossible to move at this point in your life, because you've anchored it for a really long time. It could be from your past. It could be from your present. It could be from your past failures. It could be from your present failures. It could be because of your present experience of life. And so what happens is this anchor is holding us to the abundance level that we are at at the set point that we are at. And if you wanna move this anchor, you can't just make a one time effort to pull it out. By setting a goal, you need to move your boat towards the anchor and slowly dismantle it.

It might take many attempts before the anchor actually comes out, dropping the anchor, took us maybe a minute, taking out the anchor, took us 30 minutes and it needed a technique. It needed a strategy. It needed a playbook. The playbook that you wanna remember here, an anchor in your mind is reputation is what really creates abundance. So write the intention that you wanna go for, and then repeat it to yourself as ly. And as often as possible, some of the tools to do that is if you carry a wallet around or a purse around, keep your anchor in your purse. If you have a mirror that you can utilize, write it on your mirror. So you can read it every day, remind yourself through affirmations, through an audio recording that you may have of yourself or a movie, or anything that will allow you to repeat your abundance intention.

What is it that you're creating, so your mind continues to move towards the anchor and keeps taking out the anchor slowly by slowly, by creating a new reality, because it's creating new anchors by repetition of what you want and what you're creating in your life. The second principle is you are richer than you think, you're more abundant than you think. And the reason why I say that is firstly, with the true nature of universe, all of us are way more abundant than what has been manifesting in our lives right now. And also abundance sometimes is a function of perspective. You may be looking at somebody else's life and going well, they have more money. And because of that, you feel small. You feel you are not abundant. You may look at somebody else's wealth, car, house, expression, overall experiences that they get to capture in life and go, well, they are abundant and I am not.

And when you operate from that perspective, what happens is you always see yourself as less than you always see yourself as smaller. What you wanna ask is, what's a better lens? What is a better perspective to really approach abundance? You see something is always smaller than something else. And something is always bigger than something else. When you look at your abundance compared to yourself yesterday, suddenly you're more abundant than you were yesterday. If you look at your bank account, your ability to create money, your ability to create abundance today versus yesterday or six years ago, you'll find that you're a lot more capable. You have a lot more skill. You have a lot more ability. You have a lot more confidence. You have a lot more confidence. You have a lot more of many things that actually creates more abundance in one's life. And when you flip the switch, when you flip perspective, once you change your point of reference, abundance is easier to manifest because you're in a state of more, not in a state of less when you're in a state of less, because you feel less than you feel not good enough when you don't feel good enough, you feel like you cannot really create things in your life.

When you don't feel like you can create things in life, you tend to not create things in your life. But if you change the perspective, if you change the lens, if you wonder what you have created, how much you have grown, how much you have progressed, suddenly you're in a state of more. You know you're more than enough. You know, you're more capable than enough. You are more competent than you've ever been before. Which means abundance is easier to attract. It takes away your desperation to be somebody else and creates attraction by being yourself. So my invitation to you is to see how we can switch perspectives, how we can change the lens. So we can look into and lean into our progress. Not somebody else's reality that you barely understand because of somebody else's reality. So the practice I would like you to do is to make a timeline in your life.

And remember of all the successes you've had, remember of all of the breakthroughs you've had, all the challenges you've overcome, and how you've grown yourself as a person. Look at yourself 10 years ago, 15 years ago, and find how much more you are today. How much of you yourself are today? How much more confident you are today? How much more competent you are today? How much more abundant you are today? So you can finally see how you are more than what you ever imagined so that you can recognize, appreciate, celebrate how much more that you are than you ever thought that you would be. The third principle I wanna share with you is abundance is a lot about faith. And by faith, I don't mean your religious faith. Faith in the universe, faith that it all works out. And I wanna share that with you because that's probably one of the most difficult concepts for somebody to capture that is not living in abundance.

That is already not had the blessing to be able to see the appreciation of life yet, which may be a case for you or maybe not. But the challenge that happens is that when we try a lot to make something happen and it doesn't work out, we lose a little bit of faith. We lose a little bit of faith in ourselves. We lose a little bit of faith in the universe. We lose a little bit of faith in possibilities. We lose a little bit of faith. And overall, when you lose a little bit of faith over time, you lose a lot of faith. At one point in my career, at one point in my life, I was in a situation where I had to quit everything. I had to leave my very comfortable job. I had to leave my marriage. I had to leave everything so I can finally have faith in myself.

Finally, I can recognize myself and live the life that I always wanted. It was hard, just cathartic. It felt impossible at the time yet. The only thing I could have at that time was faith because I had lost all that faith in myself to be able to build a great relationship and a great life and freedom and independence and abundance that I wanted. I had to rebuild that faith. I had to ask myself why and how I can trust myself more. And as I built that trust more and more, I recognized that the universe needs you to trust yourself. Because when you trust yourself, it brings together everything that needs to come together for that outcome that you want, right? And sometimes that outcome may happen immediately. And sometimes it may take several years. You see, when I quit everything and I asked the universe to guide me to this new version of me, the possibilities I always wanted to have immediately, I didn't get an answer.

But about a year later, a person showed up in my life. That is now my wife. At that time, she was my coach. And she showed up in my life and helped me see something that I hadn't seen in myself until then she helped me recognize that I was living a life, which was impressed upon, by what I thought the world said was the right thing to do, right? You need to get the most out of your team. You need to get them to work hard. Don't have any time available for them. They need to always be working. All of those were my mindsets and beliefs. And she got me to challenge that by asking what I really wanted, how do I wanna live? And will I treat my team the way I would like to be treated? And that changed my perspective, that changed my leadership style.

And because that leadership style changed, suddenly my team completely changed. The outcomes we were able to create changed. The quality of creation that we did completely changed. The questions we asked each other completely changed. And so the outcomes you got completely changed. You see because I had faith, I finally was able to accept someone that was on a completely different journey and be able to see myself through their lens and be able to ask myself very difficult questions. Because I had faith. I was able to give the universe the time for the right person to show up in my life. And because after that I kept faith, I've recognized that today things have happened in my life because they had to happen in my life in a particular way for abundance to really unlock for me. We sometimes think, we can think through this, we think, oh, I have a plan.

And this plan is gonna make me money. But most of the time, the plan doesn't make you money. It's the universe manifesting the right partnerships, the right relationships, the right clients, the right visibility, the right platform to show up for you for that abundance to come through. For me first, it was my now wife Neeta who showed up as a coach, then girlfriend, and then wife. Then it was my son who reintroduced me to the idea of health and my daughter who really pushed me to ask a very difficult question, which created a really big breakthrough in my life that created a tremendous amount of health that I enjoy right now in my life. They all had to come through. They're friends that had to show up the business partners that I could not expect in my life, that I would be partnering up with individuals that I am partnering with right now.

They had to show up at a particular time with particular energy for me to be able to manifest the reality that is happening today. But I had to have faith. If I didn't have faith, I wouldn't be able to see them. I wouldn't be patient enough to look through and stay the course so I can finally reap the benefits of all the faith I had in the universe. So my invitation for you is to have a little bit more faith, give the universe the time to create the reality around you. So you can have the outcomes that you've always wanted for yourself, that you can have the abundance that you've always wanted for yourself, but you got to have fate that it's all going to work out. And that brings me the final principle, which is you're only a few steps away from abundance, but you gotta walk those steps.

There's a frame that somebody had on, on social media. I don't recall who exactly said so, but an individual said something that I thought was so powerful and so important for us to him. The person said, instead of imagining that you're going to get no as an answer, imagine this. What if I told you you're only a hundred no's away from your first million dollars? What if you were a hundred no's away from a million dollars? And let's say a million dollars was, is your abundance goal, would you be excited to get the no? Or would you be fearful of the no? That changed everything. If you only were a hundred no's away from the goal that you wanna create in your life, would you be excited about it or would you be fearful about it? You'd be excited, right? And the reason why you would be excited is because you're like, I'm only a hundred no's away.

Let me get my first no, right? And that reframes the action that you're taking because previously you are scared of the action because you're so scared of the no. You're so scared of rejection. Now you appreciate rejection because you know, that's a path to progress. That's a path to the goal. That are the steps that you have to climb to get to the top of the mountain. So now you're excited about the mountain. You're excited about the steps. You're not fearful of them. You're not saying, oh, these are a hundred steps. You're saying, wow, there's only a hundred steps. Let me take the plus one. Right? So what if we reframed our steps, our process to get to the outcome from, oh, this is gonna be work to saying this work is what creates the outcome. These steps are what create the outcome. And when we reframe ourselves that way, when we know that we have to take the steps and the steps are gonna be hard and we gotta navigate those steps, we'll find that we are able to create progress.

There's a metaphor that expands this idea. The metaphor is let's imagine ourselves 300 years before on a ship, right? If you're all on a ship, you're pirates. We're trying to get to a destination. Right? All we would have is a compass and the ocean and then we'll have our ship. Right? That's what we have. Think about your compass as your intention, as your goal. Think about the compass pointing to the north, right? And now you have your ship and you're saying, Hey, I'm gonna do everything to take the ship to true north so I can get to my destination. But then there is life and that's the ocean. That's the thing that's gonna mess it up. And to get to your true north, you must get through the ocean, which means you gotta keep sailing that ship, you gotta go through the tornado.

You gotta go through those tides. You gotta go through the easy parts and you go through the hard part and you always wanna redirect yourself to true north. And as you redirect yourself to true north, every single time, you make progress in the direction of where you want to create outcomes. So what is your true north and what is your ship? And are you willing to go through the ocean that is life? I believe right now, you're more inspired than you have been before. I also believe that right now, you know exactly what you've been doing or what has happened to you, so you're blocked your own abundance, and you're ready to release it. And because you're ready to release it, I wanna invite you to go ahead and follow this podcast. The reason why I want you to follow this podcast is because I wanna make a conscious effort that you stay true to your true north.

That a year from now, six months from now, five years from now, when we meet you say, AJ, I stayed true to my true north. And here is where I achieved my goal. And I want to be part of that journey. I wanna inspire you every week. So when you doubt yourself, I'm in your ears, reminding you to not doubt yourself, to take action, to keep creating momentum, to keep believing in yourself, to have faith that the universe got a plan, and it's working for you so that you do not stop yourself midway. And finally, I get to see you achieving your dreams and living your best life. Thank you so much for tuning in. This is Coach Ajit and you're listening to Master Coaching with Ajit.

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