3 Principles To Elevate Your Game As A Transformative Coach


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You want to be a transformative coach. Not just a ‘good‘ one.

You want to be someone who’s great! Someone who creates deep transformations in your clients.

To be a transformative coach, it’s not enough to have a solid methodology or to simply ask powerful questions. 

It’s about being able to understand your clients and quickly connect to their needs. It is to adapt and adjust to what they are looking for, and what kind of guiding hand they need at the time.

Therefore the most fundamental factor you should live by…is to embrace constant change. You need to continuously change your thoughts and actions to be your better self. And to really impact the way you connect with your clients. 

Transformative Coaching At Its Core

How To Coach Based On Your Values and Beliefs

A transformative coach has the power to trigger immense positive change in a short period of time. But keep in mind that all types of coaching are not transformative. The basic tenet of transformative coaching is that you must be able to reach the heart of change in your clients. But how?

Like everything else, transformative coaching can also be learnt and practiced. In this article, we have outlined 3 Principles that have proved to be undeniably effective in the field of Transformative Coaching.

If you follow these 3 Principles regularly, you will get better as a coach, and eventually, it will come naturally to you.  

#1 – The Principle of Intelligence

As part of transformative coaching, brainpower is connected with intellect and not intelligence.

A person’s intellect can evolve because of their life experiences, education, genetics, and other factors.

You can relate intelligence as being an animated life force found in every human. Applying the Principle of Intelligence in your sessions is being able to see your clients for what they are capable of achieving, and not their past.

Its discovery in each person was made for you to adapt your coaching methodology, and help your clients in a more personal and effective way.

#2 – The Principle of Thought

The action of thinking is the most powerful thing we continuously do as human beings. There are techniques that we as coaches pass down to our clients so they can work with their thinking process.

All tools and techniques are powerful and useful, but they all work around one central concept: practice a better way of thinking.

Practice provides the opportunity to get skilled at better thinking. It offers the possibility to easily push away negative thoughts that impede your client’s progress.

This principle states that whatever you are thinking is made up in your mind, and you can change it. Mindsets are powerful. 

Once your clients realize this life-changing truth, they will start looking at the world from a new perspective.

#3 – The Principle of Consciousness

This principle is the least tangible of three, and that is why this is the one with which most coaches struggle.

Our consciousness is the root of inspiration and insight; it’s the birthplace of intuition and intention. The outcome of applying this principle is to guide your clients out of a pattern. It could also be to put an end to a state of frustration that wasn’t allowing them to continue their path.

In short, The Principle of Consciousness states that every human being has the ability to sense, to feel, and to essentially have clear awareness that is beyond the mental chatter constantly growing in our minds.

Greatness can only be achieved if all of these 3 Principles are combined and applied. If you work with all of them as part of your coaching sessions, you will be giving your clients the tools to awaken the true power of these principles into their lives.

You’re giving them a route to be the author of their own stories.

And in this process to identify and achieve the success you want your clients to go through, you need to establish boundaries so that your guidance is entirely professional, and your judgment does not invade the criteria. 

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