Growth Edges: The Science Behind Creating AHA Moments


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Do you remember the last time you had an aha moment? 

If you do, you probably remember the power of experiencing one and the instant outcomes it can create.

Aha moments are also known as the “eureka effect.” These are the times when we have a sudden insight or discovery, an eye-opening moment that helps us see something we couldn’t see before.

They’re probably one of those moments we just want to keep having all the time. And as a coach, we want to be able to spark that insight and aha moment for our coaching clients as well.

But… can we do that? Is it possible to create the conditions to elicit more aha moments for ourselves and for our clients?

If we go straight into the answer, that’s a YES!

But to best answer this question, it’s important for us to take a step back and understand why they happen in the first place.

What triggers aha moments and how could we replicate those conditions?

Global expert, master coach and Harvard Extension School Instructor, Margaret Moore, describes aha moments as the result of overcoming the feeling of agitation or unease we get when facing an opportunity for change.

This is called Growth Edge.

Margaret Moore dives deeper into growth edges, how they show up, and how you can use them in your coaching sessions to drive results in this short video.

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About The Author

Margaret Moore

Margaret, aka Coach Meg, founded Wellcoaches Corporation in 2000, the first School of Coaching for health professionals and now a global standard-bearer for professional coaches in healthcare and wellness. The Wellcoaches School of Coaching has trained more than 10,000 coaches in 50 countries. Margaret is a 17-year veteran of the biotechnology industry in the US, UK, Canada, and France. She served in executive roles at three companies which later joined Sanofi, and served as COO and CEO of two biotech companies.

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