4 Life Coaching Techniques Every Coach Needs In Their Toolkit


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We are all hyper-aware of the several amazing coaching skills a life coach is always encouraged to develop…

Asking powerful questions, listening with intent, being present in the conversation, etc. etc.

One might think that all it takes to be a great life coach is to master these skills.

But here’s the secret… 

Great coaching goes beyond just asking powerful questions or listening deeply. 

While these are, and always will be extremely important to the success of a life coach, there are some things that you need to master, on top of these. 

We are referring to a set of life coaching techniques that are designed to power each and every life coaching session you go to, so you can create the kind of impact your client is seeking. 

In this video blog, we will be outlining 4 highly effective life coaching techniques. 

So read on, and then head over to this YouTube video where we dive deep into each of these life coaching techniques.



Life Coaching Technique #1 – The Perfect Day Exercise 


Life Coaching Technique #1 - The Perfect Day Exercise

As we grow older, it becomes increasingly difficult for us to dream openly and wildly… like we did when we were kids! 

We find ourselves stuck in a rut, following the same daily routine, and looking for an escape whenever we can. 

Is this the way life was supposed to pan out for us? 

Of course not!

The Perfect Day life coaching technique aims to unleash the inner child in your client, and help them dream with their imaginations running wild. 

As part of this technique, your aim is to help your clients visualize a perfect day in their life

Not a perfect beach-vacation kind of day. That’s escaping the daily routine. 

Your perfect day needs to be a normal work-day.

How does such a day become a perfect day for your client? What does it look like, from the time they wake up, sit for work, and get off work? 

The idea is to clearly visualize each element of such a perfect day. You have to ensure that your client’s desires are being reflected in the activities of such a perfect day.

Once done, the next step is to understand where and how certain behavior shifts need to happen in order to achieve such a day, every day. 



Life Coaching Technique #2 – The Coaching Journal 


Life Coaching Technique #2 - The Coaching Journal

A coaching journal is one of the most effective life coaching techniques to help your clients remember and practice the insights, perspectives, and thoughts that come to them on a regular basis. 

Our minds come up with a million thoughts, and more, every day! But it’s impossible to retain these thoughts unless we write them down. 

Using a well curated coaching journal is a great way to train our minds to remember and retain the varied experiences we are having, and what we’re learning from them. 

It is highly encouraged that you ask your clients to use a coaching journal when they’re in session with you.

This will help you keep a track of the progress they are making. It will lead both of you to important and thoughtful conversations that will further enhance your client’s journey. 



Life Coaching Technique #3 – Check Ins & Check Outs


Coaching Technique #3 - Check Ins & Check Outs

This is one of the simplest life coaching techniques out there, yet SO important, and often overlooked. 

How you start your session and how you end your session can be the reason you’re able to create transformation in your clients. 

A powerful check in at the beginning of your coaching session will help you understand where your client is coming from. And what kind of mental state they are in at the moment. Simultaneously it will give your clients a space to vent their anger, tension, frustrations, and any other thought that’s on their mind. 

A proper check out will help you and your client close the coaching session with exact action steps, and a way forward. Without a proper checkout, your client may lose the momentum that you both created in the session.

Check ins and check outs are easily overlooked by coaches, but having a proper system for both of them will ensure that your coaching session becomes a well-rounded experience for your client.



Life Coaching Technique #4 – The What-Scares-Me List


Coaching Technique #4 - The What Scares Me List

This technique is simple and powerful. 

Simply ask your clients to write down their deepest darkest fears on paper. 

This life coaching technique will help you understand how much of your client’s life is driven by fear, so you can then dig deep on the causes of these fears, and help your client really understand how to manage them better. 

So there you have it! Four simple life coaching techniques that can dramatically improve the nature of your coaching sessions, and help your clients find more clarity in their lives.

Which one was your favorite coaching technique? Go over to this YouTube video to learn more about these and then share your thoughts with us in the comments there! 

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