The Secret to Multiplying Your Power to Sell with Love & Integrity


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Coaches need know how to create transformations in their clients…

They need to be great at coaching.

That’s the truth, right?

But it’s only half the story.

Coaches don’t just need to know how to coach.

They need to know how to sell.

And that’s where so many coaches — even some of the world’s best — get stuck.

You know you’re an amazing coach but if you feel selling isn’t your thing and interested to improve selling skills, then you’re going to want to listen to sales expert and coach Lindsay Wilson.

Lindsay transitioned from being a broke salesperson, who couldn’t even afford a good dinner, to closing a jaw-dropping $50 million in sales over her illustrious career. Her average sale over the past few years has been her in-demand $36,000 coaching package.

You’ll learn what selling actually is and maybe even more important — you’ll learn what it isn’t.

Watch the video, then download and work through your complimentary guidebook.

When you’re done, you’ll understand how to obliterate objections, overcome your fears, improve selling skills and start selling your coaching sessions, packages, events with love and integrity. 

And with that, how to double or even triple your coaching business.

You just might find yourself looking forward to your next sales conversation!

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About The Author

Lindsay Wilson

Sought-after sales coach who sold everything from eyeliner to Britney Spears’ piano and has trained hundreds of others to do the same - with integrity, honesty and love.

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