3 Ways to Make Your Coaching Products Irresistible to High-End Clients


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High-end clients. Every coach wants them.

These are the clients who know what they want and aren’t afraid to pay well to get it. They don’t blink an eye when you share the price of your coaching products or programs.

There is no haggling. No awkward conversation around “value.”

If you are a known expert in your area or niche, if you can show that you are capable of delivering results and you are able to reach or exceed expectations, premium clients are willing to pay just about anything without complaint.

Now for the million-dollar question: how do you attract them?

One of the most powerful and significant strategies involves creating coaching products and services that are specifically designed to be irresistible to top-of-the-line customers.

Here are 3 great ideas you can use to magnetise and work with these clients.

Great Idea #1: Premium Pricing

Attracting Ideal Coaching Clients

Pricing. It’s a sticky topic so I’m going to tackle it first.

While everyone loves a bargain, you have to keep in mind that high-end clients are not necessarily bargaining hunters.

They are not actively looking for coaching products and services that fit a tight budget so there are a couple of negative things that could happen if your prices are low.

The first thing is they’re not likely to even notice your offering or worse — they won’t think it’s worth their time — based on the low price point.

Premium clients are accustomed to paying well for quality. In general, quality does not come cheap. So, if your price appears to be too low or “budget-friendly”, they are likely to believe that yours isn’t a high-quality offering.

When you know that you can create the results your clients are looking for, you need to price accordingly.

It’s a simple formula… Premium pricing + excellent service = high-end clients.

Great Idea #2: Perfect Positioning

Becoming an expert coach in your niche is just half the story.

There’s no point in being the best of the best when no one out there acknowledges your genius. You need to be perceived as the top in your field. To do this, focus on one thing: positioning.

You can position yourself as a premium expert by sharing content that is carefully targeted to hone in and solve a high-end client’s problems.

Don’t confine yourself to email newsletters. Share content on as many platforms as you can. You can do this on social media, create a weekly or bi-weekly podcast, start a YouTube channel…

Make sure you share your very best content freely and be authentic. Don’t hold back.

You should also start researching overlapping service professionals who are connecting with the same target audience that you plan to reach.

For instance, if you’re thinking of offering your high-end coaching products or programs to 7-figure clients, look for other professionals — such as web designers or copywriters — who offer services to the same type of clients.

Connect with these professionals and look into creating a collaborative offering such as a series of webinars or even a short group program that will solve a 7-figure client’s problems.

When you work as a team in this way, you could offer to resolve broader issues across various categories — design, copywriting, coaching — with a single program or product.

This will propel you forward and get you and your collaborators’ names up in lights.

It’s a powerful path to getting yourself known and accepted as a premium coach who can get the results premium clients are looking for.

Great Idea #3: Prime Provisions

High-end clients expect high-end service.

This means that every part of the service experience should be top-notch. From the moment they make a purchase all the way to the end of the coaching package, product or program.

The service experience I’m referring to here includes the “onboarding” experience, such as the clarity or discovery call, and the welcome package that lists out what the client needs to do next, or how the high-end coaching products or the programs will unfold.

This experience also includes other provisions such as a great welcome gift, personalized services such as a customer service professional or Virtual Assistant who is on hand to sort out administrative issues like tech problems, invoicing, worksheets…

Just about every touchpoint you have with your client. The more you are able to anticipate and fulfil your premium client’s needs throughout their experience, the more they’ll acknowledge that you’re offering a premium service.

They’re also likely to recommend you to friends and peers who are looking for similar high-end services.

High-end clients are not hard to find when you put the right pieces of the puzzle in place.

These 3 ideas are among the simplest and most effective strategies you can use.

You’ll find that once you start working with a handful of premium clients, it gets easier to attract similar clients each time.

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