The World’s Highest Achievers Look For These 3 Things In Their Coach…


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Coaching is now recognized as one of the fastest growing industries on the planet.

No surprise there.

This is a high-impact, high-reward profession, and it’s why more and more people are attracted to it.

And there’s an interesting side effect that comes with this kind of rapid growth…

As more coaches enter the marketplace, bringing with them a variety of skills and experience levels, clients are – rightfully – more discerning when they look for a coach. They want someone who can truly help them to create lasting changes that will lead them to their goals.

And there’s no group that’s more discerning than the world’s highest achievers.

The CEOs. The celebrity innovators. The billionaire entrepreneurs.

If you’re dreaming of becoming known as THE coach for high performers and world-class achievers, but you think you don’t have what it takes…

Think again.

Becoming a transformational coach to high-impact individuals isn’t as complicated as you might think. It’s about knowing what they’re looking for from their coach and then making sure you master those traits and skills.

Here are 3 key elements you should focus on because it’s what all high achievers want and need from their coach.

Key Element #1: The Ability to Create a Deep Connection

Knowing how to create a deep connection…

Knowing how to communicate and build an authentic relationship…

This is what sets masterful coaches apart from everyone else…

And this is what high achievers are looking for in their coach.

The key reason? Deep connection creates a level of trust and understanding that is impossible to match.

And it is this trust and understanding that high achievers crave.

As they rise to the top, ambitious individuals start to recognise a difficult truth…

The more successful they get, the fewer people they can trust.

When you know how to connect and create that deep level of trust, you’ll magnetize high-achieving clients with ease.

It’s the 80/20 of being recognized as the go-to coach for ultra-successful clients.

Key Element #2: A Powerful, Proprietary Coaching Process

Run-of-the-mill coaching techniques. Average methodologies. So-so techniques.

There’s no place for any of these in your coaching toolkit when you’re working with high achievers.

While it’s good to have a great fundamental understanding of general coaching techniques and methodologies, aim to create your own unique proprietary process as soon as possible.

This is true even if you’re brand new to the coaching scene.

Remember this: it’s highly likely that your high-achieving clients have been coached before.

In fact, they’ve probably been working with coaches for years – if not decades.

A powerful, proprietary coaching process is an awesome way to distinguish yourself from a sea of coaches who use the same tools and methods over and over again.

This doesn’t happen overnight of course. It takes hours of coaching practice and experience to get there.

But be patient.

As you gain more confidence and clarity in your personal coaching style, you will start to notice a unique process emerge, naturally.

When you do, capture it as a repeatable step-by-step method or blueprint, and implement it to solve a problem during enrolment calls with high achievers.

This way they’ll get to experience the power and magic of your work…

And they won’t be able to resist signing up to work with you.

Key Element #3: Solutions for Top Challenges

It’s easy to feel intimidated and overwhelmed when you’re in a coaching session or enrollment conversation with a high achiever.

The secret is to overcoming this? Take control of the situation.

And the simplest most effective way to do this is to hone in on their top priorities by asking them about their biggest challenges.

You’ll notice that high achievers tend to grapple with different challenges than clients who are just starting out in their journey to success. High achievers have lives and businesses that are generally more complex. They usually have to deal with lots of employees and teams of people.

High achievers feel the pressure to project confidence and certainty and, while they may appear to be that way on the outside, their inner world is a whole other story.

So, don’t be afraid to dig deep. Go straight to the heart of it and help them work through and find solutions for their top concerns.

This will create a great deal of relief early on which will help them see you as the amazing, results-driven coach that you are.

No matter where you are right now in your journey as a coach – whether you’re just starting out or you have a few years of experience under your belt – you can get to a place where you can coach leaders, CEOs and other highly successful individuals, with authenticity, precision and conviction.

The key is to remember that no matter what they’ve achieved, no matter who they are and no matter how much they’re worth, financially…

High performers, celebrities and influencers are people too.

And just like everyone else, they need a coach who is there for them, who’s ready to bring out their best and help them overcome their fears and doubts as they go for their dreams.

So, hone in on these 3 elements as you continue to expand your experience and skills as a coach. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you get to place where you can handle even the most powerful, well-known Type A high achiever with calm confidence and clarity.

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