2 Powerful Methods That Will Help You Identify Your Ideal Clients


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When it comes to finding clients, there is a very important distinction many business coaches, marketers, and sales experts fail to highlight…

It’s not about going wide, it’s about going deep.

Forget about attracting lots of clients. Think about attracting and enrolling clients who are a perfect fit for you.

Here are 2 powerful methods on how to find coaching clients that you can immediately start to implement in your quest to find ideal clients.

Clients you’ll love to work with and who will receive maximum benefits from your unique coaching skills and style.

Method #1: Connect With Your “Competitors”

Connect With Your “Competitors”

It may seem counterintuitive, but talking to other coaches is a great way to expand your search and find ideal clients.

If you’re experiencing some resistance to this idea, think about it this way…

First, understand there are enough clients in the world for all of us.

There are no competitors. Only collaborators.

Second, no two coaches are alike.

Even if you share the same niche – health coaching for busy entrepreneurs, business coaching for moms with an online business – your personal style and your perfect clients are vastly different from every other coach.

And this is why we can all support each other.

When you get to know other coaches and their target audience and focus, you can refer clients to them. Clients who aren’t a perfect fit for you may be exactly the type of client another coach is looking for.

This works both ways, of course.

When you’re connected to other coaches, they can refer clients to you too. It’s a virtuous circle and everyone ends up a winner.

Method #2: Do the ABC

Do the ABC

In sales, ABC is an acronym for “always be closing.” You’re expected to look for opportunities to sell your products and services to potential clients and customers…

At all times.

This strategy works in many industries but I find it doesn’t always work well for coaches. You’re a coach because you want to serve at all times. Not sell at all times.

So, here’s a fresh twist to the ABC rule that I’ve created just for coaches…

ABC = Always Be Connecting.

Make it your goal to consistently connect and nurture your audience. You can do this online via social media or at live events.

There are endless ways to share your message and your expertise as a coach. You could write guest blog posts for well-known websites, ask to be interviewed by popular podcasters, or share Livestreams on Facebook.

When you consistently share high value content with your audience – content that’s aligned with your message, your personal style and your unique coaching skills – you’ll see something amazing start to happen.

You’ll receive requests from people wanting to know more about your coaching services and packages. When this happens, go out and celebrate because you’ve hit the big time.

You’re no longer looking for perfect clients.

Your perfect clients are looking for you.

Many coaches believe finding the right clients is the hardest thing to do.

But it’s not.

When you share an authentic, unique message, when you collaborate with others, when you connect with your clients deeply and create an emotional bond that inspires them…

Finding clients will become one of the most exciting, easy things to do in your business.

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