3 Factors to Help You Identify and Approach Your Ideal Clients


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You love helping people.

And the more you help, the more satisfied and happy you feel.

That’s one of the key reasons you chose to be a coach.

But here’s the thing…

Just because you can help lots of people, doesn’t mean you should.Why?

Because powerful, effective coaching — the kind that will create an amazing reputation— can happen only if the following 2 elements are at play…

The first is that you need to know your stuff as a coach.

You need to stay current with new coaching methodologies, be open to various strategies and give it your all when you’re working with a client.

You need to be at your best during every single coaching session.

No exceptions. No excuses.

I’ve worked with thousands of coaches from around the world and, in my experience, this first element is hardly ever the problem.

Coaches are naturally driven to give their best to clients. They’re willing to learn and to do what it takes to produce extraordinary results.

That’s the easy part.

The second element is where most coaches run into trouble and it has to do with the clients themselves.

You’ve probably heard of the concept of “ideal clients”, but what does that really mean?

How can you tell if a potential client is right for you?

Here are 3 factors to help you identify your ideal clients so you can create the results they’re looking for and start to establish your reputation as a world-class coach.

Factor #1: Stay in the zone

Stay in the zone

You’re a great coach but do you know your zone of genius?

It could be that you’re incredibly gifted at shifting your clients’ mindset.

Maybe you’re effective at getting to the root cause of a problem and then gently guiding your clients to see it too.

You could be ultra-talented at inspiring and motivating clients to pick themselves up and go for their dreams no matter what the challenge or obstacle.

When you’ve identified your zone of genius, make it a point to sign on clients who need your specific talents.

This is the secret to creating epic results for your clients with very little effort.

Yes, you should always seek to close your knowledge and experience gaps in all areas so you can be the best coach possible but never dismiss your inherent gifts.

After all, it would have been a pity if Beethoven — who showed great talent with the piano by the time he was 7 — had dismissed his natural genius and chosen to play the harpsichord instead.

Factor #2: Go for the gut

Go for the gut

If you consistently work with clients who are not motivated to take action and do the work, you could end up with a bad reputation through no fault of your own.

So when you first start talking to a potential client, have a clear intention to tune into their energy and your gut feeling about them.

Before you dismiss this idea as hocus pocus, remember that some of the greatest business minds in history — including Richard Branson — have been famously known to rely on their “gut feeling” to close billion-dollar deals.

So, tune into your potential client’s energy. Is she enthusiastic? Does she seem determined and driven?

Does she appear excited and hopeful at the prospect of working with you?

These are clear, telltale signs that will reveal if your client is willing to take action and do the work because here’s the truth…

You can coach, guide, support, and cheer them on but you can’t do the work for your clients. They must be willing to show up and take consistent action to see results.

So make sure you only work with motivated, committed clients.

Your reputation depends on this.

Factor #3: Honor your personal preferences

Honor your personal preferences

Do you like working with women entrepreneurs over high-flying executives?

Do you enjoy coaching moms who run their own business rather than 20-somethings just out of college?

Don’t feel the need to justify your personal preferences when it comes to the kind of clients you enjoy working with.

If you want to be a world-class coach, you need to feel motivated and inspired by your clients. You need to be able to bring your whole self to each session.

So find clients you enjoy working with. Those who are aligned with your values and how you want to show up as a coach.

This will create great results and establish an amazing reputation.

I’ve seen too many great coaches feel deeply disillusioned not because they’re not good at what they do but because they work with clients who just aren’t a good fit for their work style and personal energy.

Some even consider giving up their coaching practice.

So make a decision right now to work only with ideal clients.

Whenever you’re tempted to sign on a new client who’s not right for you, stop, take a deep breath and ask yourself…

Is this worth your reputation and your time?

Then let them go and set your sights on clients who need your skills and your genius…

Clients who will bring out the best in you and who will experience amazing results.

This is how you establish your reputation as a world-class coach.

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