How To Deliver Life-Changing Impact In Your Coaching Sessions


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Becoming a great coach doesn’t have to take years.

The quickest way to do it is to focus on the one thing that separates good coaches from the great ones — delivering life-changing coaching client sessions.

When you learn how to run powerful client sessions, you’re on your way to establishing an impeccable reputation as a coach.

After thousands of hours coaching, supporting or otherwise helping some of the world’s best coaches become even better at what they do, I can safely conclude that every one of them does these 5 things when they run their game-changing client sessions.

Element #1: Create Accountability

Create Accountability

The best coaching sessions and programs in the world include accountability as a key element. A coach who doesn’t insist on accountability, isn’t doing a good job.

Accountability is the act of holding your client responsible for the changes she needs to make.

This can happen through a formal process such as having your client write out their day-to-day progress in a shared space such as a Google Document or a Facebook group.

Some coaches have their clients “report” their progress by talking through it, at the start of each new session.

The best coaches aren’t just focused on helping clients create changes – they’re determined to help clients create lasting changes.

To do this, you must make sure your clients adopt new skills, behaviors and habits through consistent accountability.

Element #2: Measure Progress


World-class coaches include some sort of measurement or data collection to evaluate and mark their client’s progress.

This could be specific milestones listed out on an excel spreadsheet or a simple document that starts with where a client was at the beginning of the coaching relationship and then tracks progress through each coaching session.

Seeing how far they’ve come inspires and motivates clients to keep going for their big, ambitious goals.

A great coach knows this and will include measurement as an integral part of the coaching experience.

Element #3: Lock in Commitment


Great coaches understand a fundamental truth — transformation takes time.

Trying to get your client to create big changes in just one session is like trying to catch moonlight in your hands.

It’s never going to happen.

World-class coaches understand this and it’s the reason why follow-up sessions and long-term coaching packages exist.

To become the kind of coach everyone raves about, you must ensure your clients achieve and, more importantly, sustain the changes they want to make in their lives.

The only way to do this is to have new clients sign on for at least 3 or more coaching sessions, right from the start.

Element #4: Be Honest

Be Honest

Top coaches aren’t afraid to be honest.

They give their clients truthful insights that get to the heart of the issue… even if it’s something that’s going to be difficult for the client to hear.

For instance, if a client is falling short of their goals due to self-sabotage or lame excuses, a great coach is quick to point out the truth with kindness and without judgment.

Honest feedback helps clients dig in and get precise with the improvements they need to make to see results in the shortest time.

Element #5: Welcome Feedback


The greatest coaches in the world aren’t just good at giving feedback to their clients, they also welcome and embrace feedback on their own performance.

If you feel anxious about hearing feedback and if this is holding you back from asking your clients, find ways to overcome this issue as soon as you can.

Don’t hesitate to hire your own coach to help you with this.

Honest feedback from clients is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself as a coach.

The best coaches know it’s the only way to rapidly improve their coaching skills and to uplevel their effectiveness.

So, make this your personal success habit — ask clients for feedback at the end of your coaching programs, coaching packages, and events.

Another trait all great coaches have in common? They never stop learning.

Always look for opportunities to learn from the best in your field.

This doesn’t have to involve high-level, high investment 1:1 sessions with top coaches if you — and your budget — are not ready for that yet.

You could opt-in for free online masterclasses, read their books, or consider purchasing a group program from your favorite coach.

Set the intention to keep growing and learning. Adopt a mindset of experimentation and keep a sharp lookout for tweaks and techniques to improve your client sessions.

Do this and it won’t be long before you find yourself with a long waitlist of clients, a growing tribe of raving fans, and an established reputation as a world-class coach.

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