How To Become A Masterful Life Coach


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The Secret to Establish Your Reputation as a World-Class Life Coach

Do you want to know how to create breakthrough transformations?

You dream of building a profitable life coaching practice and you want to serve your ideal clients at the highest level.

But right now, something doesn’t feel right.

You feel drained. Bored. Stuck.

When this happens, it’s easy to believe the answer lies in any one of the hundreds of things we think we need to get right to build a profitable practice and establish a great reputation. 

But a snappy tagline, a better website, fancy new marketing techniques and a great logo aren’t the answers…

In this powerful video, master coach Christine Hassler reveals the exciting path to a fulfilling, profitable business and a powerful reputation as a world-class life coach.

Join this Free Masterclass with Christine Hassler to discover the simple 4-layer process to creating breakthrough experiences with any client.


  • How to become a more skillful, confident coach — even if you’re new to coaching — by understanding how to holistically guide clients across four different levels.
  • The most powerful holistic coaching system to impact every aspect of your client’s life — body, mind, and spirit — without needing to become an expert or specialist in each field.
  • Why it can be dangerous to tell your clients they can “change their emotions by changing their thoughts.'' Discover the distinction between feelings and emotions so your clients don’t suppress emotions that need healing.
  • How to eliminate self-sabotage in any client. By helping your clients understand the 3 flaws of our thinking, they can identify and transform the seed of self-sabotage and achieve their true goals.
  • …and much, much more!

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