5 Simple Steps To Getting Coaching Clients Online


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A year back when the pandemic struck, and the world came to a standstill, no coach would have imagined that getting coaching clients online could be so easy! 

This is a great example of just how much transformation humans are capable of… all in the span of a year. 

Attracting the right coaching clients online, and offering them your services, is now easier than ever before. 

Coaching still retains the same impact it used to have in in-person meetings!

In this blog, we are talking about 5 simple steps for you to start building the best process for getting coaching clients online, and working with them for increased impact.

Step #1 – Understand What The Market Needs

Market Needs

Before you do anything else, think about your Market-Product Mix

Your Market-Product Mix determines and evaluates whether your product is currently a need in the market, i.e., among your target audience. 

Is what you are offering really relevant right now? Is your audience going to benefit greatly from your product? 

Being considerate about what the market really wants helps you to stay relevant and get coaching clients online. 

Watch this video for a relevant example of a Market-Product Mix, that might help you determine your own. 

Step #2 – Get Specific 

Get Specific

Get specific with your offer. 

Saying “I am a life coach” will be poorly received since it’s a very broad term. It can be confusing to your clients. 

Maybe, someone is looking for something more specific, like a life coach who focuses on changing mindset patterns. Or a life coach who will help them find success in their side hustle. 

Understanding these nuances, and crafting your offer in the right way… will help you target the correct audience, and actually meet their needs. 

Be specific about the problems you’d like to solve, and the ambitions you’d like to address. This helps your target audience resonate with you better. 

Step #3 – Create Conversation Starters

Conversation Starters

In the current situation, conversation starters like events and meetups may not be the best way forward… or the most convenient one for everybody. 

That’s where the convenience of social media comes in. 

Leverage social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok, to start conversations that suit the context of that particular platform. 

Identify the right social media platforms for you and your business. Then use your content, your strategies, your stories and experiences, to add value to your audience. 

This is an important foundational step for you to start building an audience of your desired coaching clients online. 

Step #4 – Identify People Who Are Engaging Back With You

Back With You

You are going to have some active followers and connections in your audience who’ll eagerly engage with your content. 

Stay active yourself, and always engage with them. 

Identifying the group of people who are actively engaging with you, will help you continue a conversation with them. And that might just end up in a coaching session! 

The more they engage with you, the more interested they might be to understand if you’re a right solution provider for them. 

So stay relevant, active, and attentive to what’s going on on your social media! 

Step #5 – Reach Out And Enroll

Out And Enroll

This step is your most important yet. 

Once you’ve identified and actively engaged with people in your audience, it’s time to reach out and start a conversation with them. 

This conversation will involve steps like… 

  • Qualifying if they are actually looking for a coach
  • Understanding if their ambition or challenge is big enough for coaching
  • Qualifying if they can afford to work with a coach

This conversation will also involve you actually offering something

Not making an actual offer in a conversation is the number one reason most coaches fail to get coaching clients online. 

Don’t be shy with making an offer. Think of it as offering an opportunity for transformation, an enrollment into a bigger possibility. 

And there you have it! 5 simple steps  you can take right now, to be able to enroll clients with your coaching services. 

Go ahead, and leverage the power of the digital world to get your coaching clients online, and build your dream business!

Tell us in the comments, did you find this article helpful? 

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