Revealed: How To Grow Your Coaching Practice Without Losing Your Mind


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No matter where you are in your journey as a coach, at some point, you’re going to ask yourself this question: “How can I grow my practice so I can create more income and impact?”

It’s a “6-Figure Question” and we all have to think about it sooner or later.

The need to uplevel, expand, and grow your coaching practice is a natural part of your progression as a coach…

But it’s also a dangerous phase because it could potentially end your business.

There are many brilliant coaches who quit at this stage. They just can’t handle the pace and speed of growing, thriving coaching practice.

Ironically, they fail by succeeding.

Adopt these 3 strategies so you can expand your business without giving up your time, your health, and your sanity.

Strategy #1: Become a Master Communicator

Marketing Rules to Grow Coaching Business

Learn to write and speak well. Really well.

When it comes to growing your coaching practice to 6-figures and more, becoming a master communicator is an absolute must.

As you grow your practice, you need to communicate more, not less.

You must motivate and inspire more and more clients to get on calls with you, connect with you via email or social media and purchase your products and programs…

And you need to have great communication skills to do that.

Don’t feel like you have to write 5,000-word blog posts or spend hours on video each week just to connect with your audience.

Smaller, high-value chunks of information such as 3-minute Facebook Livestreams or short blog posts, work just as well to create an authentic connection.

Always remember…

Write well. Speak well. Present well. Give great value.

If you don’t feel you’re up to mark right now, go out and learn how to do it. Hire a speech coach. Hire an expert to help you become a better writer.

All successful coaches are master communicators. No exceptions.

Strategy #2: Make it Repeatable

The true secret to growing a successful coaching practice is repeatability.

This means you need to find aspects of your business that can be repeated by others without your help.

Get out a blank sheet of paper and draw 3 horizontal lines so you have 3 columns.

Write Creation at the top of the first column on the left, Marketing and Sales at the top of the column in the center and name the last column Client Relations.

These are the 3 big categories you’ll find in any business.

Creation refers to everything that you create in your business – content such as social media posts and blog posts, coaching packages, coaching programs, products, retreats – these belong in this first column.

Next, you have Sales & Marketing. Look at the different pieces at play in this area.

The question you need to answer is, “How are you marketing and selling your products and services?” Your answers belong in this column. You might list Facebook Ads, sales funnels, email marketing, social media, networking at live events, and client calls.

Finally, you have Client Relations. This is everything you do that’s about connecting with your clients and creating a great coaching experience. Don’t limit yourself to what happens during sessions. Think about the “before” and “after.”

What do you do immediately after your client purchases your programs or coaching packages? What do you do after the final session with a client?

Give yourself at least 60 minutes to complete this exercise. When you’re done, look at every single item on all 3 columns and ask yourself this…

How can I make this repeatable so someone else can do it without my input?

This is the true secret to healthy, sustainable growth and expansion in your coaching practice. Get others to do the actions and tasks that do not need your personal input or expertise.

If you’re doing everything in your business, you’ll stay at the level you’re at for the rest of the time.

Nothing will change. You’ll remain stuck and a successful, impactful 6-figure coaching practice will remain a dream.

Strategy #3: Adopt The “One-to-Many” Mindset

Effective Sales Conversations

This applies even if you’re reading this on the first day of starting your coaching practice…

Never stop looking for ways to reach as many people as you can with a single product, service, program, or package.

This is where Masterminds, Group Programs, Live Events, and Retreats come in.

You might think you’re not ready and there’s no way you can sell out a group program or retreat. I’ve noticed countless brilliant coaches hold themselves back with this type of thinking.

You’re more prepared than you think. Even if you’re a new coach, it’s good to plan and think big right from the get-go.

This way, you’ll train yourself to begin creating programs and services that you can sell to many people at the same time, from the early stages of your practice.

This is an excellent, profitable, and incredibly powerful move.

If you’re serious about expanding your practice and your impact and hitting that 6-figure mark, you must move away from pure, 1:1 thinking.

Products and services that you can create once and then offer again and again to more and more people are the essence of expansion and growth.

I’ve worked with thousands of coaches from around the world and most of them fall into the same trap…

They start a coaching practice, gain some traction and end up working harder and harder to achieve more success and create more income.

It’s a recipe for disaster.

Use these strategies to build a strong framework that will allow you to accelerate growth without sacrificing your health and your sanity.

This way you’ll get to enjoy the freedom and income you create. Most importantly, you’ll achieve what you set out to do when you decided to become a coach…

Change more lives.

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