The Future Of Coaching


The Future of Coaching

We live in fast, fascinating, uncertain times...

Self-driving cars are real. Airbnb has allowed every homeowner to turn their private home into a vacation space for rental. Uber has done the same for cars.

According to industry insiders, Artificial Intelligence is on the brink of changing the world as we know it.

No industry on the planet remains untouched when it comes to these technological changes creating a need for complete reinvention of the way we work, live and play.

So, how about the future of coaching?

What's Next In Coaching

Are robots about to take over from human coaches? Will machines replace face-to-face client-coach connections? What are the upcoming coaching trends and how will this affect our work as coaches?

Digitalized coaching is not out of the question, but this doesn't mean live coaching sessions will become a thing of the past.

Experts and coaching industry predictions believe that digitalized coaching, such as software and smartphone apps, will be used to enhance but not replace "100% human" coaching sessions.

We can already see that the virtual world has taken over, businesses are going online, employees working from home, and many coaches have also started their coaching businesses online and are now having most - if not all - of their coaching sessions through platforms such as Zoom and Googlemeet

For instance, coaching apps and softwares will be designed to work between coaching sessions to support clients around behavioral upgrades such as quitting smoking or offering biofeedback to help clients change their emotional and mental states outside sessions with their coach. There already are many CRM's designed for coaches to manage their work more effectively and track clients in-between sessions.

Some "futurists" predict that the coaching industry is evolving into a high-impact space as clients want to see faster, measurable results.

This could mean long-term coaching retainers that focus on slow changes and transformation for the client, will be switched out for shorter and impactful coaching sessions that take place over a few weeks or maybe even days.

It's also believed that coaches will see a rise in demand for microlearning - a process where an individual learns to adopt a new skill or behavior in small bite-sized chunks that will allow complete absorption and embodiment.

what's next in coaching

This method includes short but deep learning and coaching strategies that create instant results. No more massive training programs and courses or long, complex coaching systems...

Clients want results and they want it quickly.

According to some insiders, coaching will also become a far more specialized industry than it already is. Executive and business coaching will see clients asking that their coaches have relevant experience in specific areas of business.

For instance, a strategy coach for small business owners will be expected to have direct experience and success as a small business owner.

Coaches will also be asked to demonstrate results either through behavioral changes in their clients or measurable results such as in increase in revenue for coaches working with entrepreneurs and business owners.

So, how do you work with these shifts and changes?

Staying One Step Ahead

Understand that now more than ever, coaches need to practice an attitude of openness to change, curiosity, and experimentation.

They need to cultivate adaptive flexibility, courage, and resilience.

George Bernard Shaw quote on coaching and progress

George Bernard Shaw said that and his words are truer today than ever before.

Don't allow yourself to be someone who blocks progress....

Someone who can't change their minds.

When you think about it,
coaching is change.

And in a world that's changing at an increasingly fast pace, everyone from the CEO of a Fortune 50 company to an overstressed, overwhelmed stay-at-home mom will want and need a coach.

And that's where you come in.

Think of it this way...

The coming wave of transformation in the future of coaching is not something to fear...

It's your chance to create a real impact, make a real difference and serve at the highest level.

future of coaching action section

Be Prepared for Change

Knowledge is the key to successful adaption to change.

Explore the concept of VUCA --
Volatile, Uncertain Complex and Ambiguous and learn to work with it as a coach. Look for tools and strategies that will help you cope with change and help your clients do the same.
The VUCA process for coaching
how to become a coach


How To Become A Coach

Now that you have a clear understanding of what is coaching and what it takes to be an extraordinary coach, it's time for you to become one.

Becoming an extraordinary coach that is always learning and honing their coaching skills is the best way to navigate the future of coaching and apart to whatever comes their way. 

If you're ready to start this journey, here's what you need next...

How To Be An Authentic Coach, Sign Top Clients, And Deliver REAL Results That Change Lives

...No Matter If You're A Beginner Or A Veteran

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