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Essentials Of Building A Practice
As A Spiritual Coach

There’s a massive amount of information out there about starting a coaching business and most of this is geared toward “traditional” niches such as business, health or regular life coaching.

While a lot of this advice is also relevant to building a spiritual life coaching practice, there are significant differences that need to be highlighted.

Key Difference #1 : Your Ideal Coaching Clients

There is a specific type of client who seeks a spiritual coach and often, it’s the kind of person who is looking for far more than just material success.

To be clear, this does not mean that spiritual life coaching clients are resistant to creating wealth or achieving goals such as writing a book, running a marathon, building a 7-figure business, or any other major goal or milestone most people value.


However, the key distinction is that most spiritual life coaching clients are also eager to dive beneath the surface and explore the inner workings of their life and the world, tap into their inner wisdom and intuition, and connect with their spirituality.

Most spiritual life coaching clients already have a particular faith or code that they believe in, and they are looking for guidance and support in going deeper to uncover not just what they want to do with their life, but why their life matters and what their purpose and contribution is. 

These coaching clients are also looking for a spiritual coach who isn’t just good at following a process or system with clients – such as a goal-setting process – but who is consistently integrating spiritual practices and methods into their life and work.

Key Difference #2 : Your Own Spiritual Beliefs

Another key difference to highlight is that a spiritual coach must have a clear and solid set of spiritual beliefs as the foundation of their work and methodology and that clients can resonate and connect with. This does not necessarily apply to other coaching niches.

For instance, if you are a spiritual life coach who works with the divine Laws of the Universe, clients will look to you to resolve challenges, conduct sessions, and demonstrate your thoughts, beliefs, and actions in harmony with these divine laws. Makes sense, right?

While it’s good to set up your spiritual life coaching practice based on proven business and marketing frameworks such as the setting the right price, understanding the art of selling, putting together powerful coaching packages (check out How to Start a Coaching Business for more on this), and all these other business-building strategies most coaches follow, spiritual life coaches need to know that they must build their practice using pathways that resonate with their clients – methods that will build their reputation as an authentic, reliable spiritual coach.

Your business decisions and actions need to be fully aligned with spiritual values such as integrity, trust, collaboration, kindness, generosity, and service, so your clients can witness your authenticity and know that you’re implementing your values in all aspects of your coaching business and methodology.

Unfortunately, some promising spiritual life coaches have had their career trajectory cut short because they said one thing and did another.

They ended up betraying their clients’ trust by presenting a kind, generous, spiritual persona to the world while running their business in ways that were in direct opposition to that persona such as being unfair or unkind to team members or choosing less than honest sales methods.

And this approach will certainly work for a while, but it won't be sustainable in the long run and it will be extremely difficult to re-build your reputation, authority, and business from scratch later on.

Growing a successful spiritual life coaching business hangs on more than just your skills as a coach, it depends on your reputation.

So whatever you do, make sure that you don’t just “talk the talk,” you need to “walk the walk.”

When you do that, you’ll find more and more coaching clients eager to sign up with you, work with you, and spread the word about your exceptional reputation to everyone they know.

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Now that you know some of the differences in starting and growing a building a spiritual life coaching practice vs a regular coaching practice, let’s look into some of the similarities.

Here are 7 elements to building a successful, thriving coaching practice. Read through each element and then honestly asses yourself with this question:

What is my skill level for each of these 5 key elements and what can I do to improve?

(Note: Level 5 means you’ve mastered this element while Level 1 means you have no skill yet in this area.)


SKILL LEVEL (rate 1-5)


Discover Your Niche

Identify Your Ideal Client

Create Powerful Coaching Packages

Master Your Business Mindset

Know How to Set Prices

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The 7 Universal Laws A
Spiritual Coach Needs To Know

As described in the previous chapter, it’s important that a spiritual coach identifies and embodies their own spiritual values and beliefs.

In this final chapter, we’ll explore one of the most powerful and fundamental spiritual systems in existence: The 7 Universal Laws.

This set of Spiritual Laws cover every aspect of life and business.


This is possibly the most popular and well-known of the 7 Universal Laws. The Law of Attraction works on the energetic vibration and frequency of our thoughts and emotions and it can be summarized as “like attracts like.”

This essentially means that when we think and feel in line with the vibration of scarcity and lack, we will attract the vibration of scarcity and lack which can manifest as experiences, relationships and other things that we don’t want.

The secret to working with the Law of Attraction:

Shift your energetic vibration – your thoughts and emotions – to positive, high vibrational levels, so you are consistently in a mindset of abundance and joy, and open to attracting more of that positive energy into your life.

Consistently and continuously remind yourself that the Law of Attraction is always at play, so you can bring in awareness and intentionality to your thoughts, emotions, actions, and behaviors, every single day.


While the Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like,” the Law of Deliberate Creation is about consciously offering intentional thoughts and emotions to create or manifest your desires and goals.

You can think of the Law of Attraction as exponentially expanding the vibration that we offer with the Law of Deliberate Creation.

In other words, the Law of Attraction gives us the response that arises from our intentional thoughts and emotions through the Law of Deliberate Creation.

The secret to working with the Law of Deliberate Creation:

Decide on what you want to create in your life and business, and then offer resonant thoughts and emotions.

For instance, if you want to grow a highly profitable spiritual coaching business where you get to create abundance, joy and freedom for yourself and your clients, deliberately choose thoughts and emotions related to freedom, abundance and joy, in your day-to-day life.


The Law of Allowing comes into play after you identify your goals and dreams, and offer up high vibrational thoughts and emotions. Once you’ve started putting the Law of Attraction and the Law of Deliberate Creation into play, you then allow your goals and dreams to become your new reality.

This means releasing judgment and releasing the need to control how things work in your life. It’s about allowing yourself to be who you are and doing the same for others.

The secret to working with the Law of Allowing:

Embrace freedom from deep inside yourself. This means letting go of judgement, blame, and the need to control every little thing that happens to you or around you.

The Law of Allowing is essentially about being open to receiving the amazing gifts, experiences, and results the Universe has to offer while having an open heart and mind for the differences and uniqueness that are a part of the beauty of life in this world.


This is possibly the most important Universal Law in relation to entrepreneurship and business. The Law of Sufficiency and Abundance is about knowing on a spiritual level that everything you want and need is already inside yourself.

This means that you can create and manifest anything and everything you can imagine. If you can dream about it, you can make it happen. There is no such thing as “not enough," what you desire is available to you, and there’s no need to compete from a place of scarcity and lack.

The truth is, the Universe is limitless and it is always expanding, which means that no matter how successful someone else is, no matter how much others have achieved in terms of abundance, money and success, there is an endless supply that continues to flow to you.

The secret to working with the Law of Sufficiency and Abundance:

Teach yourself to move toward your goals from a place of knowing that everything you desire is already available to you and everything you need to achieve your desires is already within you.

See your dreams from this beautiful, expansive space of knowing, and then see yourself having achieved your goals. Practice visualization and envision yourself in that place of abundance and positive vibration.

Everything you want will come to you when you are in a state of inner peace for what is and in a state of excitement for what is to come.


The Law of Pure Potentiality states that the Universe and everything in it has no limits. This Law is about knowing that you can have everything you want because you have the unlimited potential of the Universe flowing through you.

The Law of Pure Potentiality asks that you unleash your creativity and receive ideas, insights, and signs to expand to your full potential.

The secret to working with the Law of Pure Potentiality:

To know the Law of Pure Potentiality is to know there is freedom to create everything and anything that we can possibly desire and imagine.

This also means we have no need for fear or anxiety because we have the potential of the unlimited Universe accessible to us at all times, when we live in alignment with this Law and with the other 6 Universal Laws.


Attachment ties us to our desires in ways that do not serve us. When we are tied and attached to what we want – including our most positive goals and dreams for our lives and work – we are introducing the energy of craving and of control.

These low vibrational energies can block the flow of Universal creativity from supporting us in our quest to manifest our biggest, boldest life.

Which is why it's so important to practice the Law of Detachment - be open to detaching from your goals and trusting the Universe to take you down the path you should take, even if it might not seem like that it is aligned to your current goals and dreams. 

The secret to working with the Law of Detachment:

The Law of Detachment flows in harmony when we learn how to trust the process that is supported by all 7 Universal Laws.

There is a divine design and energy that is working for us and through us to create what we want and what is in our highest purpose or good in this life and in service of others.

When we learn to trust, it is like we are opening the “unlimited faucet” of the creative life force energy of the Universe so that it flows and supports us in this path to our highest purpose.


The Law of Polarity states that where there is one thing, there is the opposite of that thing in existence. This means that when we desire something, our energy of desire is also flowing along with the opposite of that desire.

The truth is you cannot manifest something without the potential of manifesting the opposite.

For instance, if you want to create a thriving spiritual life coaching practice with a long waitlist of eager clients, there is also the potential of creating the opposite of that.

Understanding the Law of Polarity allows you to identify and resolve the opposing energies that can block your desires and goals from coming into existence.

The secret to working with the Law of Polarity:

This is about recognizing that the opposite of what you want can manifest and it’s about taking charge of your energy so it is consistently flowing toward what you want.

The Law of Polarity is based on the power of transformation and understanding this Law means you know that you can transform the direction of your focus and intention at any time.

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Now that you understand that 7 Universal Laws, it’s time to note your takeaways and action steps in connection to each of these Laws.

Answer the following questions which are in alignment with each of the 7 Universal Laws. Each question will help guide you and help you embody and live the truth and the essence of each Universal Law into your day to day life.

Question #1: The Law of Attraction

How can I shift my thoughts and emotions to a high vibrational frequency or energy in the moment?
(eg: dance to my favorite song, spend a few minutes in meditation, practice visualization or breathwork, etc)

Question #2: The Law of Deliberate Creation

What do I want to create in this moment and how can I consciously shift my energy to match my intention?

Question #3: The Law of Allowing

How can I release the energy of judgment so I can stay open to receiving the powerful positive gifts of the Universe?

Question #4: The Law of Sufficiency and Abundance

How can I make time today to envision my highest and best life?

Question #5: The Law of Pure Potentiality

What is an inspirational action, activity or experience I can embrace to unleash my creativity and open up to my potential?

Question #6:The Law of Detachment

How can I mentally and emotionally practice detachment from my goals, while trusting that the Universe is bringing me that which is for my highest good and purpose?

Question #7:  The Law of Polarity

How can I transform my current focus and intention, so it is in full alignment with what I want in my life and business?