The Ultimate Guide To Coaching Small and Mid-Sized Companies

Discover Exactly What it Takes to Become a World-Class Business Coach For SME's

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SME (Small & Mid-Sized Enterprises) Coach

The Power of Business Coaching

This is a real-world case study and for Sarah, Tess and countless entrepreneurs like them, a great business coach is often the difference between living the life of their dreams and watching life pass them by.

There’s no doubt about it…

Business coaching is a game-changer for thousands -- possibly millions -- of entrepreneurs and companies, globally.

There are currently over 129 million registered companies worldwide and according to some statistics, about 1 in 6 companies are turning to business coaches to help them stand out in their industry and create lasting success.

There’s a burning need for skilled business coaches now more than at any other time in history and there’s no better time to become a business coach to SME’s (small and mid-sized enterprises)

Here’s the deal..

If you know, deep down, that you’d make a phenomenal business coach but you’re wondering how to get there…

If you’d love to work with small and mid-sized business owners, and Founders, then guess what?

You’re exactly where you need to be!

Throughout the rest of this guide, we’ll be dispelling dangerous myths and ideas on what it takes to be a great business coach and you’ll understand some of the fundamental traits and skills you need to create amazing results for small and mid-sized companies.

Sounds good? Let’s get this party started!



What Is Small & Mid-Sized Business Coaching?

Most people think they understand business coaching but there’s often a lot of confusion around the definition of what it is and exactly what a business coach actually does.

As a coach to small and mid-sized companies, it’s important to understand that the smaller the company and the smaller the team, the more you’ll find everything that happens in the business is connected to the Founders or the business owners in some shape or form.

In other words, the success or failure of the company is closely tied to a small or mid-sized business owner’s:

While you don’t have to be an expert in all 3 areas in order to be a successful, transformational business coach…

You need to know that there will be times when you must look beyond what’s going on inside the business so you can give your client the right support.

That’s why small and mid-sized companies need a coach who is quick on their feet and who can skillfully guide their client through various aspects of business and life.

Just to be clear…

This doesn’t mean that you cannot specialize in a specific area of expertise, field or niche (we’ll be talking about that in Chapter 4), but it does mean that you’ll need to be ready to coach your client through challenges outside the business arena.
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Part 1

Before we go deeper into this guide, it’s good to get connected to your personal motivation and inspiration. 

Knowing your “why” can work like a North Star that helps guide you through obstacles and challenges that stand between you and your goal of becoming a world-class small and mid-sized business coach.

Go ahead and set a timer for 5 minutes. Then answer this question:

Why do you want to become a small or mid-sized business coach?

Part 2

Take a look at the 3 key areas of success or failure you read about in this chapter.

What are some of the ways you can improve your coaching skills in these areas? 

Think about taking an online course or reading books that can help uplevel your skills.

Capture your ideas and insights around how to improve your skills in all 3 categories: