Life Coaching

Now that you know what life coaching is, it’s time to find out what it isn’t…

Here are the 3 most destructive myths about life coaching you need to be aware of.

Myth #1: Life Coaching is the same as Therapy

Some people even mix and match the two, using “life coaching” and “therapy” interchangeably.

Let’s get something straight…

Life coaching is not therapy. Not even close.

A therapist is a healthcare professional who provides long-term support and healing around beliefs, trauma, and other problematic issues that are often rooted in the past.

Patients can be in therapy for months, often years… sometimes even decades.

Life coaches offer a very different service for their clients.

Life Coaching

They’re not healthcare professionals and they do not offer diagnosis on mental or physical symptoms.

Life coaches are future-oriented and their aim is to put their clients in the driver’s seat so they are in full control of what happens each day, week, month and for the rest of their lives.

Life Coaching

Myth #2: Life Coaching is about “Fixing” things for the client

The myth that a life coach is someone who will take over and right the wrongs, make the decisions and put the client’s life back together.

A life coach does none of the above.

They’re there to help clients find the confidence, courage, and clarity inside themselves.

This is so the client can create changes on their own.

Life coaches get clients to look at life or at a problem or obstacle with new eyes…

To get creative with solutions and find new ways to fix what needs to be fixed.

This is a priceless life skill and a gift that stays with a client long after the coaching sessions end.

Life Coaching

Myth #3: Life Coaching is for weak people

This is possibly the most destructive myth of all.

The belief that those who work with life coaches are troubled and unable to help themselves.

That life coaching is for unsuccessful, unproductive people who complain and make excuses for everything that doesn’t go the way they want it to.

This is 100% false.

Do you know what Andre Agassi, Hugh Jackman, former U.S. President Bill Clinton, Serena Williams, and Leonardo Di Caprio have in common?


Andre Agassi


Hugh Jackman


Bill Clinton


Serena Williams


Leonardo Di Caprio

You might be surprised to know that they all turned to a life coach for guidance and support to get to the top of their game.

From tennis legends to A-List actors to some of the most successful people in the world got to where they are with the help of a personal or life coach.

Far from attracting people who are failures, life coaching is for those who are ready to explore new and better ways to achieve even more success and happiness.

It’s for those who want to win at the game of life.

Life Coaching

Other than the myths listed in this chapter, what are the myths in your mind that need to be debunked? What are some of the negative beliefs or ideas you have about life coaching?

Here’s the thing…

You cannot fully step into your role as phenomenal life coach if you have negative beliefs about what you do.

So, take 10 minutes to list out any misconceptions about life coaching that come up for you.

When you’re done, read through each belief on your list and ask yourself:

Can I find facts or evidence to support this?

Myths, misconceptions, and false beliefs are fueled by hearsay, groupthink, and emotions such as fear and doubt.

They disappear in the light of logic and rational thinking.

Looking at each of your negative beliefs through a logical lens will help you see that they’re untrue so you can start to release them for good.