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The Art Of Extraordinary
Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching also stands out from all other types of coaching in one very significant way...

Even if they haven't had the chance to connect with a coach in a 1:1 environment, leaders and high achievers have probably experienced training and teaching programs or courses designed to help them get better at what they do.

The good thing about this is they're familiar with the coaching experience.

The not-so-good thing about this is they're familiar with the coaching experience.

Here's what I mean...

When becoming a leadership coach, your job is made easier because high-level clients are already coachable.

They're committed to becoming better, investing time and resources in their development, and they are willing and eager to learn.

But their previous experiences with coaching, mentoring and training can also make your job a little more complicated.

High-level clients already have beliefs around what coaching can and cannot do for them. And most times, these beliefs can be very limiting and keep them in a fixed mindset - even if they might have a growth mindset in other aspects of their life.

As a leadership coach, your job is to break past these preconceived ideas and get them to a place where their mind and heart is clear and open to new learnings, new behaviors and new experiences in coaching.

So, here's what I want you to do...

Practice being in the moment with your client.

The most powerful fundamental thing you can bring to an extraordinary coaching session with a high-level client is present moment awareness.

This happens when you release all thoughts and ideas, and bring your full self on all levels to each moment in the coaching session.

Present moment awareness creates 2 incredible results:

Guide to Leadership Coaching

Insights, ideas and creative solutions that appear as if out of nowhere

When you consciously set aside your thoughts and start to listen to your client from a place of love and a commitment to help...

You'll demonstrate your true desire to be of service.

You'll create a deep connection and a real relationship based on trust.

Due to the nature of their work, CEO's, celebrities, athletes and other high-level clients aren't always sure they can trust the people around them...

So, building genuine connection and trust with them is beyond priceless.

It leads to a sense of safety that allows your client to truly open up and go deep.

It's the secret key all world-class leadership coaches use to work with high achievers.

Present moment awareness also leads to the second thing on the list - new insights, ideas, and creative solutions.

This is something I love to talk about because it creates the one thing that will take you all the way to the top level of world-class leadership coaching...

A personal, signature style or coaching methodology.

While it's okay to work with general coaching strategies when you're starting out, truly great leadership coaches quickly learn to dive into their own experience and intuitive knowledge so they can build their own coaching methodology.

Guide to Leadership Coaching

Creating your own methodology allows for the flow and flexibility that's missing from old school, rigid coaching strategies. When you have your own methodology, you'll easily find ways to shift and change it to fit each, individual coaching client.

You'll always know that you can go with what's happening in the moment and find powerful, unique in-the-moment ways to create incredible forward momentum for your clients.

Go deeper into how you can start putting together your own coaching methodology in The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Powerful Coaching Methodology that Changes Lives.

Guide to Leadership Coaching

What are 3 simple steps you can take to develop present moment awareness?

Do your research around this topic - you can work with a coach, read a book, find a training program, take part of a mastermind or group coaching program, create an accountability group with other coaches, practice daily meditation, etc.

It's up to you.

Practice present moment awareness every single day for at least 3 full weeks in your personal life and with coaching clients. You want this to become a habit.

Journal or record your experiences every day, to maximize clarity and confidence.

Becoming A Leadership Coach


Becoming A
Leadership Coach

Now you know what leadership coaching is and the needle-moving elements to create real trust and connection with any high-level client.

So, what's next?

One of the most important skills a leadership coach can hone is understanding motivation and how to activate it in clients.

Eliciting higher levels of engagement and excitement is not only valuable for the client, but is a game-changer for leaders who also want to coach their teams for motivation.

Discover how to coach your clients for motivation with our 5-day course, Coaching For Motivation.

Get Your Clients Excited To Continue Working With You For Months (And Years) To Come

A proven, replicable and scientific 5 day training program to teach you how to masterfully inspire (and even command) high levels of excitement and motivation in your coaching clients.

Guide to Leadership Coaching

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