Creating Lasting Success
As A Health Coach

Creating lasting success as a health coach -- whether that's in your own business or working for a larger corporation or company -- depends on 2 key factors:



Let's start with the first factor


Here's something you must remember for as long as you choose to be a health coach. Think of it as your mantra, your credo, your philosophy...

Reputation is everything.

Aim to build a powerful reputation by doing awesome work with your clients and not so much about creating a 6-figure business or earning an ultra-high income.

Just to be clear...

It's not wrong to have big money goals but understand that when you focus on creating an unshakeable reputation with great work, your income will rise, rapidly. People will know your name. Clients will volunteer to refer you to more clients because of the results you've helped them create and this virtuous cycle is the secret to having a long waitlist of clients.

The second factor is closely related to the first...


You can only go so far as your knowledge and experience will carry you, so you must commit to consistently growing and expanding your skills as a coach.

While there are lots of people who have a gift -- a natural talent -- at coaching in the health and wellness category, there's always room for improvement.

The good news is there's a whole lot of options you can turn to if you want to become one of the top coaches in the industry.

There are online courses, live workshops and trainings you can take. There are also longer programs -- some of which last for a year or more -- that you can sign up for online or in person.

The downside to having all these options is that it can leave you feeling uncertain and confused.

Which course should you choose? Who's the best person or organization to learn from? How much should you invest? That's totally up to you.

The truth is a health coaching program or training works only if you do the work.

If you enrol in a renowned, high-ticket, year-long program that takes you through details around nutrition, exercises, habit-building and all the rest...

But if you don't have the time or space to complete the homework, practice sessions and whatever else the program includes, it doesn't matter how awesome the program or training is, you'll get a big, fat zero out of it.

Don't let this be you!

Look for a training, course, or program that you feel gives you the value you're looking for and that works for your current budget and lifestyle.

Ideally, this should be something you enjoy so you can stick to it and it should be something that gives you the tools and techniques you need to feel enthusiastic, confident and motivated as a health coach.

Before you enroll and invest in a health coaching training course or program,
do your research on the organization and coach/teacher behind the course.

Are they reliable? Can you trust them?


1. The company/coach's website offers very little information about the course or program

2. There are no testimonials or success stories to be found anywhere on the website or online

3. The coach/company is new to the health coaching space (less than a year)

4. They get defensive or angry if you're on a discovery call and you ask questions about their background

5. They try to sell you health-related products that promise to "solve all your health issues"

If any or all of these signs are in play, it's best to look for a different training program.

Here's the thing...

Extraordinary health coaches are made, not born.

In fact, that's exactly how the greatest in the industry get to where they are...

They invest in themselves from Day 1 and they're always learning new ways to boost their skills and their expertise.

That's how they start strong, that's how they stay at the top of their game...

And that's how they build a powerful reputation.

Health coaching is a crucial, life-changing profession and there's no doubt that becoming a extraordinary health coach will be one of the most important - sacred -- experiences of your life.

Congratulations on your decision and have an amazing journey!

As you learned in this chapter, building a solid reputation is connected to your skills and your experience as a health coach.

While experience comes with time spent coaching clients, skills are something you can start working on right now.

These questions will give you clarity on the type of health coaching course, training or program that will work best for you right now:

  1. How much can you invest per year in improving your skills as a health coach?
  2. Realistically, how much time can you dedicate each week, to learning and training?
  3. Do you prefer learning via video, audio, reading, in person or a combination of all of these methods?
  4. Would you prefer to learn from a group of teachers in an organization or just one teacher or coach?
  5. Do you like learning in an "intensive" environment -- courses that last 6 weeks or less -- or do you prefer learning over a longer period?


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