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Having a limited number of active coaching days also helps me understand how many enrollment conversations and free coaching sessions I need to have to hit my desired revenue.

It shows me how much active selling I need to do. And when I can stop.

Another benefit? When you define your coaching packages, it helps your clients understand that you are available for a limited number of days, in a limited number of ways.

This may sound like a bad thing, but it’s not. Limited choices help people make accurate decisions. Fewer choices make it easy for them to select how they want to work with you.

Can’t afford 1-on-1 coaching? Join the group program. Don’t want to do something that’s spread out over a year? Pick the intensive.

You quickly start to see how your clients like to work with you.

For me, intensives were winners. My clients love when I come in for intensives, every 6 months. I work with them for 2 days straight, and they walk away with solid action steps and strategies they can implement immediately in their business.

It’s powerful for them. It’s powerful for me. How can you get awesome results for your clients? What are they asking for from you? What is the easiest sale for you?

Answer those questions and you’ll easily define coaching packages that you and your clients love, and that create a consistent revenue stream that supports your lifestyle.

The DSP Framework

This is a framework for creating packages designed to create the ideal outcomes for your clients while making it easy for you to enroll them.

Why do you need to operate from the DSP framework?

Often times, while we are in the process of building our practice, we work from a place of lack. This makes us tweak our packages and services based on what the client needs.

It may seem like the right thing to do at first, but it often leads to poor client experience and lack of results.

When we operate from the DSP framework instead, clients will have clear expectations. There will be clear boundaries and you will be able to deliver the results that you promise.

Note that DSP is a framework, so you can fill it up the way you want and change the contents of the packages. DSP is designed to create a container for you and your clients.

DSP Framework Defined

DSP (Desire — Solution — Package) focuses on the Desire that your clients have and the Solution you have to offer in order to craft your Packages.

But to understand how it truly works we must understand the elements of the DSP framework.