Ultimate Guide to Creating Coaching Packages

Developed by Ajit Nawalkha, Co-Founder and CEO, Evercoach

You had an enrollment conversation with a potential client, and they said the words you love to hear. It’s like music to your ears.

How can we work together?”

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! But that feeling of euphoria dies down quickly. You realize what you say next could make or break that powerful connection with this client. The connection you worked so hard to build throughout the conversation.

So, how do you answer that question without screwing things up? Without losing the client?

First, don’t jump into the price right away. You want to show them what’s possible before you talk about your prices. If you lead with the price, it leads to a comparison with other similar services, or they’ll compare against how much services in other categories cost per hour.

So first, talk about the results they’ll achieve when they work with you and how you will get them there.

This is about painting a word picture of how they will feel and what they will experience when they get to the place they see in their minds. That dazzling future. Those daring goals - achieved. Share stories and examples so they can visualize, feel, and imagine what it would be like to work with you.

When you’ve created a clear word picture, it’s time for the second step.

Don’t go into the conversation unprepared. Know your coaching packages, know your prices, inside out.

When you know all of this, and you know what you can help them create in their lives, the transformations you can bring, the new beginnings that will happen, you will show up with confidence.

And they will experience the impact you will have on their lives when they work with you.

That’s when they’ll enroll. That’s when they’ll sign up. That’s when the adventure begins.


It’s absolutely vital that you define your coaching packages. This definition must include types of coaching as well as the potential revenue you would like to generate.

Start defining your packages by getting clear on the various ways clients can work with you.







You don’t need to offer all of these, just the ones that you enjoy and your clients love.

In my case, there are only 3 ways to work with me. You either do a one-to-one for a year.

You do a 1 or 2-day intensive. Or you can join my mastermind.

That is all.

I personally define my coaching packages using the DSP Framework. You will find that framework in the coming pages. It gives me a clear understanding on the types of coaching arrangements I’m going to offer plus my revenue or income.


I already know that in a year I want to have 30 active coaching days. On the other days, I like to work on my other businesses, like Evercoach. This helps me decide on the type of coaching packages I should offer and what I need to charge.