Before You
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Certification Program…

You could end up spending days (or maybe even weeks or months) trying to decide which coaching certification program is right for you.

The truth is there are hundreds of elements that could play a role when you’re deciding which coaching certification program is right for you, but here’s the good news…

You don’t have to consider everything.

When you’re ready to choose a certification program, you just need to hone in on a handful of needle-moving elements that can lead you straight to the right one.

So, let’s look at these one by one.


One of the most important things to consider when you’re thinking about a specific certification program is whether they offer some kind of mentorship as part of your certification training.

Mentorship is important as it can create a much deeper, more meaningful and accelerated learning experience as a student coach.

Mentors generally guide student coaches in small groups or even 1:1. This will give you the chance to ask questions and learn directly from an experienced coach who is eager to pass on their knowledge and expertise.


A third key component in evaluating a certification program that’s right for you has to do with the delivery method.

Some coaching certification programs combine in person training with an online or digital classroom. Other programs are focused on just one of these two key delivery channels.

Some people feel like it’s impossible to focus or learn deeply in a digital classroom while others get distracted in a real-world environment.

Your job is to understand your personal learning preferences and choose the option that will allow you to maximize your potential as a student coach and eventually as a professional certified coach.


Cost is also a major factor for a lot of new coaches. If you’re just starting out in your coaching business, a certification program that costs thousands of dollars may be out of the question for you.

If that’s the case, look for other coaching programs to help you master world-class coaching skills so you can quickly become a world-class coach.

The following questions will help you find clarity on whether an accredited certification program is right for you.


 Does the coaching certification program include a mentorship segment?


 Is mentorship part of the overall cost or do you need to pay for it separately (above the price of the program)?


How will the program be delivered? Online, in person or both?


 What is your personal learning preference?


What is the overall philosophy of the training school or organization running the program?


 Does this philosophy align with your beliefs and values?


 What is the cost of the program?


Can you comfortably pay for this program at this time?


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