Success Coaching Element
#3: Strategy

Powerful mindset and behavior coaching can get your clients extraordinarily close to where they want to go in their business, but mindset and strategy work is not enough to get them all the way there...

And that's where Coaching Element #3 enters the picture.

Strategy is the difference between an extraordinary entrepreneur with a highly profitable, world-class business...

And an incredibly talented entrepreneur who can't pay the rent!

Strategy in the context of coaching entrepreneurs has to do with helping your clients effectively "plan their time and energy."

It's important to work with your clients so they understand that strategy is not just about planning to keep their head above water so they can get by, it's about getting ahead on what needs to be done in their business so they can accelerate the pace and quickly and easily achieve their goals.

What you need to do when you're coaching on strategy is to guide your client on how to prioritize their time and energy.

This is basically about getting them to focus on their personal productivity.

.... are actually recipes for disaster!

Your clients need to understand that the success or failure of their business is based on how well they can strategize and manage their own time and energy to maximize productivity and build a business that runs like clockwork.

The following is a powerful Coaching Technique around working with entrepreneurs and business leaders to strategize their time and energy for maximum productivity.

Step 1

Start by having a conversation with your client about priorities in their business. The more clarity they have around what absolutely needs to get done versus the tasks that can wait, the easier it is to make decisions that can lead to astonishing levels of productivity.

Step 2

Help your client commit and stay accountable to living in a way that is aligned with their values. This means coaching them to prioritize what matters to them inside their business and also outside their business. Work with them so they can start to live and work in a way that gives them space and time to care for themselves and devote time to things that matter to them outside the business - such as hobbies and family. Help them see that this will lead to their best work as an entrepreneur or business leader.

Step 3

Work with your clients to shrink their daily, weekly and monthly to-do lists. Long lists create feelings of overwhelm and fear which leads to procrastination -- the enemy of productivity. If your client is doing everything themselves, have them consider hiring a virtual assistant a few hours a week so they can let go of administrative and other time-consuming tasks. This will instantly free up more time for them to focus on their area of expertise and do the things only they can do in their business.

Step 4

Talk to your clients about key productivity tools such as productivity apps and time management techniques such as time blocks that will allow them to manage their time and energy effectively. Coach them into taking action and implementing the tools that work for them.

Step 5

Watch this video and share it with your client for more effective time management tools


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