The Ultimate
Guide Of Effective
Coaching Techniques

5 Core Tools You Can Use to Skyrocket Your Clients' Clarity, Focus, Productivity and Performance

ultimate guide of effective coaching techniques

A dedicated martial arts student went to

his teacher and declared, "I'm devoted

to studying martial arts with you. How long

will it take me for me to master it?"
The teacher replied, "10 years."

The student was frustrated and answered,

impatiently, "But I want to get there

 much faster! I will practice every day, ten

or more hours a day if I have to.

How long will it take then?"

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The teacher thought for a moment and said, "20 years."

This simple story uncovers a truth that many of the world's best coaches understand but few new coaches do...

Mastery doesn't happen overnight.

This is true whether you're learning how to ride a bicycle, teaching yourself a new language, learning to fly a plane or working on becoming a great coach.

The more you "rush it," the harder you try to get things done quickly, the more mistakes you make, the less you learn and the longer it takes.

To achieve mastery as a coach, you need to work with a few key ingredients:

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Effective Coaching Techniques & Tools

The first 3 ingredients are on you. You have to find the time and cultivate the patience to practice your coaching skills again and again and again.

But that last item on the list - effective coaching techniques and tools - that's something you don't have to do on your own.

This Guide is an introduction to some of the best coaching techniques and tools that are in use today.

This is not an exhaustive - every coaching tool and technique under the sun - list.

This is a high-value, curated list focusing on coaching practices and methods that have been proven to work in just about every coaching environment and with all kinds of clients, all over the world.

By the end of this Guide, you'll have a set of game-changing techniques in your toolkit to create lasting transformations and real results for your clients.

Ready to dig in? Let's go!

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Why You Need Effective

Coaching Techniques

Even though they've spent thousands of hours fine tuning their craft, even though they've been working with clients for years - sometimes even decades - the world's top coaches constantly turn to coaching frameworks that include tried-and-tested coaching techniques.

If you're a new coach, this might seem a little strange.

Why bother with techniques when you're an experienced coach? Why work with step-by-step methods when you can "go with the flow" and "be in the moment" with a client?

Here's the thing...

Great coaching isn't just about being creative and instinctive and it's not just 
about foundational skills such as deep listening or asking the right questions. At the highest level, coaching is about having an all-inclusive, comprehensive approach to your work.

Yes, it's about applying basic coaching skills and tapping into your empathy and intuition to create a deep trust and connection...

But there's more.

Powerful coaching is also about working with practical coaching techniques and tools.

When you focus on developing both of these opposing and equally important aspects of coaching - the fluid art and the practical craft of using tools and techniques - you will create a level of mastery few coaches ever reach.

Countless books, programs and trainings have been created to address the artistry and creativity around coaching, but the science - the actual tools, techniques, and methodologies to create deep and lasting results for clients - isn't as easily available.

Throughout this guide, we'll be diving into 5 of the best coaching techniques and tools that you can put into practice right away, when to use each one, and the step-by-step guide on how to apply them during a coaching session. These effective coaching techniques are: The Wheel of Life, The Moonshot Technique, The Spheres of Influence, The Time Travel technique, and The Eisenhower Matrix.

Use these techniques where you feel it will bring the most benefit to your clients and allow yourself to adapt what you learn, incorporate your own style and experience, or combine one with another as you see fit.

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The following exercise will help you get clarity on your starting point -- where you are now, your knowledge level and skill set -- before you deeper into this guide.

List at least 3 key coaching tools or techniques you regularly turn to when you're working with clients.

Coaching Technique #1



Coaching Technique #2



Coaching Technique #3



Note: Don't worry if you're brand-new and you don't know any coaching tools or techniques. Watch this video for some ideas of simple yet effective tools you can use in sessions. Also, keep reading this Guide to get our curated list of coaching techniques and step-by-step guides on how to use each one.