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January 5, 2022

55. How To Stand Out As A Coach

In today’s episode, we’re covering how to stand out as a coach. This is the third episode of our 5-day Start Strong Series where we’re answering some of the most frequently asked questions from the coaching community to help you grow your...

In today’s episode, we’re covering how to stand out as a coach. This is the third episode of our 5-day Start Strong Series where we’re answering some of the most frequently asked questions from the coaching community to help you grow your coaching business this 2022.

So many new coaches believe there are too many coaches and too few clients out there, and that they need to stand out from the crowd to be successful as a coach and enroll clients. However, the opposite is true. (Check out the previous Episode #54 on how to get clients consistently for more on client creation if you haven’t already!)

Nevertheless, being aware of the elements that make you unique as a coach can give you the confidence to show up fully, build your personal brand, and stand out with ease. Listen in as Coach Ajit reveals the 3 key elements to stand out, questions you must ask yourself, and how to find what makes you unique.

Key Insights:

  • Why the “need to stand out” is a common misconception.
  • 3 key elements that make someone outstanding.
  • Questions you must ask yourself to get started.
  • How a unique coaching methodology can help you stand out.
  • The “perfect” way to build a business.

Coach Ajit (00:00):
You are listening to Master Coaching with Ajit podcast that inspires coaches to impact the lives of their clients more meaningfully. I am Coach Ajit and I'm known for coaching high performers, entrepreneurs, and leaders. I'm also a serial entrepreneur and author of many books. On this podcast, I am answering your burning questions. I'm also demonstrating and deconstructing behind the scenes coaching sessions.

Coach Ajit (00:35):
And today's episode is going to be remarkable. We are answering a question that has been asked to us so many times, so many coaches wonder how to stand out as a coach. We're being made to believe that too many coaches in the world and that we need to stand out to have our voices heard as a coach. There may be some true to it if you are in a competitive field, but most of us actually are in the least competitive field for coaching. There may be some true to it if you are in a competitive field, but most fields are fairly uncompetitive and have not enough coaches in the world. But if this is a question that has been on your mind and you are like somebody, somebody help me figure out how to stand out in the busy market, how to stand out as a coach more specifically, well, this episode is for you.

Coach Ajit (01:28):
This week, we are doing a very special series to kick off 2022 in a special way. We are doing Start Strong. Start Strong is an audio series to kick off 2022 by answering the most frequently asked questions by the coaching community. And today's question like I mentioned, is how do you stand out as a coach? There are three variables for somebody to be outstanding, to be somebody that is clearly seen differentiated as a brand, clearly differentiated as a coach. Coaching is a very personal brand or a coach is a very personal brand. You yourself is a big distinction in your coaching business and hence it helps you stand out. So the first element to consider when you're trying to be an outstanding brand, create a distinction for yourself in the coaching community or amongst your clients is how do you stand out as a human being?

Coach Ajit (02:29):
You see, you are a function of your unique experiences, your unique understanding of things, your unique methodology, your unique reason, why you do certain things and all of those things combined create your authentic self, your true and honest self. And the more clear you get about who you are that brings a default distinction, a default separation, a default enhancement of your brand, because a person can clearly find who you are in your communication in your conversation, because that's just authentically you, you don't have to mask yourself to anything. You don't have to present yourself as somebody else that you are not. You can maintain certain level of consistency because you are true and honest to yourself. So the first thing that one must do to create an outstanding brand to stand out as a new coach is to take a deep dive within yourself.

Coach Ajit (03:24):
Take a deep dive within yourself to ask yourself some very important and meaningful questions. The first question I want you to ask yourself is what is it that you stand for? What is it that is valuable to you? What is it that you represent in the world? What is it that you would advocate for? The things you advocate for, allow you to create conversation and narratives around those topics. It allows for your potential clients to see if they find resonance with those topics. It helps your clients understand where you come from. What is it that is important to you? What are some of your values? One of the biggest distinctions that one may find in my brand against most of the other coaches that are out in the marketplace, training individuals like yourself, is that I always operate from a place of love, service, freedom, and health.

Coach Ajit (04:14):
And I repeat these four values of mine again and again and again. They're in my signature. They're in my communication. They are there when you send me an email, they're there. When you get an email from me, and the reason why this is so important is because if you are someone who aligns with the value of love, service, freedom, and health, it's very likely that you will find some resonance in my conversation with you, which allows me to be different from everybody else. It allows me to be authentic and allows you to see if you resonate with who I am as a person, while it is important for you to understand and communicate what you stand for. It's equally important for you to understand and communicate what you stand against. There are certain things that are happening around you that bother you. These are things that you would like to change.

Coach Ajit (05:04):
These are things that in your perfect world, in your perfect reality would not happen. These are what I call your against values. These are the values that you stand against. These are things that bother you, and you would love to do something about it. Or you are already doing something about it. For me, this is anybody who presents any racial or sexual orientation bias. It is for me when somebody takes away somebody else's freedom. And when that happens, it really bothers me. And these are my against values. These against values also help your clients really understand if you are the right person for them. Against values and for values, or values that you stand for and the values that you stand against, help your clients understand your full personality in a small fraction of time. So the first thing that you need to do to stand out as a coach is to take a deep dive in your value system, find out what you stand for, find out what you stand against and communicate that clearly and often.

Coach Ajit (06:01):
And while these two value systems, what you stand for and what you stand against, we'll give you a jump start, the deeper dive you take within yourself. The more you will discover about yourself and the more you discover about yourself, easier, it will be for you to present who you are creating a distinction between you and everybody else. While one main thing that we are all human beings, we are kind of the same. We actually have a really unique perspective to look at the world that is completely different to somebody else's the different permutations and combinations that are possible because of our value systems or because of our experiences because of our being, because of our spirituality, because of our soul, we show up differently in the world. So one of the best ways that you can distinguish yourself and stand out from the crowd is to know yourself more.

Coach Ajit (06:50):
So invest time in discovering yourself. The more you discover yourself, the more you'll be able to distinguish yourself from the rest of the coaches and rest of the industry. The second way to distinguish yourself from the world is by distinguishing your methodology, by creating a distinct methodology, a distinct methodology is a unique system that is custom to you, your experience and your understanding of things that you bring to the world while we must train and learn more and more about what's happening in psychology and biology and coaching and spirituality, and learn as an experience for ourself and try it for experience for ourselves. Once we have taken in the information, we must process it out to create what is a unique understanding that we have developed because of all of those integrated experiences, you see, we are all unique human beings. And because of that, we create unique experiences, unique understandings all the time, but we fail to acknowledge that we are actually operating from a completely different point of view than the next guy.

Coach Ajit (07:54):
And because of that, we failed to acknowledge that there is a unique methodology to everything that you do in just the past few years, as I took the time to really understand how I am creating an impact in my client's life. I understood while I use the same coaching fundamentals, how I communicate, how I integrate, makes my methodology completely unique, completely unique to me, completely unique as an experience for my clients, just in recent times, we have integrated methodologies that help businesses even more than any business coach can do by integrating coaching and consulting. And by integrating them in a very unique way, I've been able to create a transformative outcome for my clients. And of course get a distinction in the marketplace because of the uniqueness of the model that I've created. Recently, we integrated a coach trainer model, which integrates two very unique ways to create an impact in somebody's life to create a completely unique model and partnership with my business partner vision.

Coach Ajit (08:55):
So you can always take all the understanding that you may have of coaching, of training, of psychology, of spirituality, of biology, of health, of wellbeing, and find what is it that makes you unique and create a unique model around how you create an impact in your client's life. Now, sometimes it may take time and it will evolve with time too, but you can get started by looking at your own experience and creating a model from your experience and your learning of the world. And as you start with that model, you will be able to see that just the model itself, the methodology itself makes you unique and distinct from the marketplace. So as of now, we've talked about two ways. You can create a distinction between you and the marketplace that you can stand out as a new coach. Now let's talk about the third way of doing it.

Coach Ajit (09:45):
And that is by creating a unique business model. There are so many ways one can build a business that there is no one way that a coach can say is the perfect way to build your business. And that gives us an opportunity to create clients in a very unique way. Think about it like this. This podcast is a completely unique podcast to any other podcast that is out there in the coaching space, or even in general podcasting space. On the same podcast, you have an opportunity to listen to 45 minute masterclasses, deep dives on topics. You get to listen to coaching sessions. You also get unique experiences like this, where we are releasing answers to five most frequently asked questions by coaches. An experience like Start Strong, this podcast series, and it's a unique podcast. And so it creates a unique relationship between you and me, unique relationship between your story and my story.

Coach Ajit (10:41):
And because of that, I create a distinction in the marketplace. It's the same for our YouTube channel. It's the same for my books that I've written. And you too have the same power. You can create a unique narrative by choosing a business model that is unique to you. The way to really know what's a unique business model or the right business model for you is to ask yourself the question of which business model would you find more joy in creating? I have grown to dislike coaches who say, this is the perfect coaching model to work on. This is the perfect way to build a business because in all fairness, no business model is the perfect coaching business model. Every coaching business model becomes successful when the coach sticks to that model, that they keep evolving from that model, that they stay the course to develop that audience, develop that clientele, develop that communication, stay consistent and stay present to that communication because they love doing it.

Coach Ajit (11:41):
I love doing this podcast. I love doing the YouTube channel. I love writing. And that is why they're inherently part of my business model. It's not because it's a marketing strategy. It's because I love doing it. And that is why each of them are so unique. There is nothing similar between this podcast and my YouTube channel and my books, except the core concepts and the fundamentals that of course stay same, but the recording is completely different. The experience is completely different and it is because I love each of these models. So find what you love as a business model and stay present to it, stay consistent to it because that will be a distinct advantage because the way you will do podcasts will be different. The way I do podcasts will be different than somebody else doing podcasts. The way I do YouTube videos is different than how you will do YouTube videos and how somebody else will do YouTube videos.

Coach Ajit (12:35):
The way I write books will be different to your books, to somebody else's books. We can all get inspired by each other, but we are so unique as individuals that there is no way that we will not create a unique experience for our clients. So ask yourself, what is the business model that you would love deploying that you would love doing? And let that be the distinction. Let that be the reason why you stand out from everybody else. So there are three ways to stand out as a new coach, take a deep dive within yourself and really understand who you are and communicate it frequently. Take a deep dive in your methodology, really understand how you're creating impact with your clients, and then communicate that frequently and then find a business model that speaks to your heart and do that consistently. And over time, you will find you would have carved a unique space for you in a unique way that only you could do

Coach Ajit (13:29):
So my unique individual and a unique coach, if you loved this episode, give us a five star rating on any channel that you're listening it on. If you think there's a friend of yours that really needs help in finally knowing how they can stand out from the rest of the world, send them this episode. It would truly help them. Leave us a review on your favorite podcasting platform. This is Start Strong, a special podcast series that we are releasing for coaches to kick off 2022 in style. Thank you so much for tuning in. This is Coach Ajit and you're listening to Master Coaching with Ajit podcast.

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