The Ultimate Guide To Relationship Coaching

Key Concepts, Skills, and Insights You Need To Become A Successful, Life-Changing Relationship Coach

The Ultimate Guide To Relationship Coaching

Relationship coaching is a fast-growing need in the world. And for good reason too! In the last few decades, we’ve been able to witness the powerful impact of technology in our lives.

More and more people are opting for texting over calling and online games over board games. The dinner table has turned into a social media-browsing space.

We are both more connected and more disconnected than ever before, and it is affecting the way we create, communicate, and interact with other human beings.

But relationships are key to our well-being and happiness. Finding love, having a positive family bond, having a meaningful job, connecting with friends, enjoying everyday life, and more.

Our lives are built upon relationships.

Which is why, this Ultimate Guide is designed as a step-by-step pathway to get you started on your journey to becoming a truly phenomenal relationship coach.

Chapter 01

What Is Relationship Coaching?

When it comes to building and nurturing great relationships that stand the test of time, things are only getting more complicated as we move deeper into the 21st century.

Most people surround themselves with friends, colleagues, partners, and team members without considering the far-reaching effects of their choices. They stay in relationships that are not beneficial to them or they leave when they could have worked things out.

What Is Relationship Coaching?
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A skilled relationship coach can help people nurture ideal relationships…
Relationships that uplift and inspire …
Relationships that create success …
Relationships that bring true understanding, love and lasting happiness.

So, what does a relationship coach do?

There are 7 key roles a relationship coach plays to support their clients to build healthy, meaningful relationships in their lives.

What do relationship coaches do?

What Do Relationship Coaches Do?
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Chapter 02

How To Become A Relationship Coach

There are all kinds of relationships people can be in. And not just romantic ones.

Relationships at work. Relationships with family and relatives. And those with your near and dear friends.

All these relationships need work, and sometimes we might find ourselves failing to navigate them in the best way possible. That’s where the need for a relationship coach comes in.

And the relationship coach, like any other coach, needs to follow the golden rule.

You need to focus on learning and honing your skills rather than following step-by-step theories on relationship coaching.

Nothing you will read in books or lessons will be more valuable than implementing your knowledge, and actually coaching clients.

It’s all about being present, understanding your client’s needs, and supporting their learning journey.

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Chapter 03

5 Must-Have Skills Of A Relationship Coach

The world’s best relationship coaches didn’t start out that way – just like everyone else, they began with zero skills.

The difference is they focused on mastering a handful of critical coaching skills because they know something most coaches don’t…

Not all coaching skills are created equal and lasering in on specific skills lets you build true mastery as a relationship coach.

While it’s good to have a wide range of skills in your toolkit, it’s even more important that you start with a strong foundation of key skills that you can build on, over the years.

Here are 5 must-have skills that have the power to rapidly take you from newbie to rockstar relationship coach in the shortest possible time.

5 Must-Have Skills Of A Relationship Coach
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Chapter 04

Relationship Coaching Tools

The same way life coaches have a wide range of life coaching tools to coach clients and business coaches have extensive tools to coach businesses, relationship coaches also have specific tools to coach their clients.

What’s more, there’s no better way to build rapport with new clients than by leading by example and showing them what healthy relationships look like.

So if you’re interested in helping clients improve their relationships or create new healthy ones in their lives, there are 8 relationship coaching tools you must know and master to create massive shifts in your clients’ lives and relationships.

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Chapter 05

Starting A Relationship Coaching Business

Pretty much every coach loves being a coach, but almost all of them resist being a business owner.

Here’s the thing… If you’re not great at running a business, you’re not going to last long as a coach.

Starting A Relationship Coaching Business
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Coaches are deeply passionate people. They’re also deeply generous and nothing makes them happier than being of service to others.

This is an extraordinary trait except for one thing…

Many coaches believe that being generous and running a business simply don’t go together.

They believe things like sales and marketing are “sleazy” and they don’t want to have anything to do with it!

This is a massive mistake and it can cost you BIG time.

It might even make you want to give up on coaching as so many other talented coaches have done before, just because they couldn't make ends meet and build a business from their passion.

But it doesn't have to be that way...

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Chapter 06

How To Build Trust In Relationships

As human beings, we are naturally built to create connection. Being a part of a tribe, and developing a sense of belonging have been key factors for our survival, and for the evolution of our species.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs defined this as the need for “love and belonging” which is why we’re always striving to connect and build relationships.

And as we create these relationships, one key factor shows up that ensures that these relationships are nurtured, so they can grow and evolve through time. And that key factor is building trust.

Whether it’s family, friends, or life partners, all healthy, meaningful, and authentic relationships are built on trust.

If you’re ready to nurture trust in your own relationships, in your relationships with clients, or to teach your clients how to build trust in their relationships, this chapter is for you!

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Chapter 07

How To Set Healthy Relationship Boundaries

Boundaries are the line between ordinary and extraordinary coaching.

Healthy boundaries will help you gain respect, and credibility as you create a powerful coach-client connection.

And that’s when both you and your clients can get the most out of the coaching relationship.

One of the most important elements of setting healthy boundaries is how we communicate our needs and the language we use when communicating them.

For example, there’s the differentiation between requests and requirements. A request is when we ask someone - a partner or loved one - for something we want, but is not necessarily needed. A requirement, on the other hand, is when we ask for something that is necessary and important.

Do you communicate requests and requirements in the same way? Does your partner or loved one know when you are communicating a request vs a requirement? And does the other person understand your needs and what you are communicating effectively?

It’s crucial to understand the impact that communication can have on relationships and how to use it to set healthy boundaries.

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Chapter 08

7 Signs You’re In A Toxic Relationship With A Client

You start your coaching business wanting to change the world, one person at a time.

You feel excited about getting to work with others. And spend your time daydreaming of the impact that you can create if you show up with all your heart. Slowly, you start to create your client list and open yourself up to building new relationships. You’re all set to go on a transformational journey with them.

But then reality hits. Sometimes you finish your days feeling so grateful and fulfilled from the work that you do. And then other times you feel like you want to crawl into your bed and sleep for days.

Why does this happen?

The answer lies in the type of relationship that you build with your clients.

When you form a healthy relationship, with clear boundaries, agreements and expectations, you will feel energized and inspired. Your client will take personal responsibility and action towards building their ideal life.

On the other hand, if you don’t have any boundaries in place, and no clear agreements, you will probably be setting yourself up for a toxic relationship.

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