Chapter 04

Life Coach Salary: How To Charge What You’re Worth

The million dollar question every new life coach asks,

Here’s something you must keep in mind.

Just as every great recipe always has a secret ingredient or a secret touch…

So does your right to charge the ideal life coach salary for yourself!

The secret to charging the right life coach salary lies in your self-confidence.

Yes, you read that right –

If you are confident and believe in your competence as a life coach, you will be in a better position to ask for a higher life coach salary. You will feel more assured and calm while creating your pricing packages because you know exactly what kind of value you bring to your client.

With that in mind, here are 4 pricing strategies that you can use to charge what you’re worth!

4 Strategies To Set Your Life Coach Salary

Pricing Strategy #1: Reverse Engineering

life coach salary pricing

Reverse engineer your salary.

This means you can set an hourly rate for yourself based on your yearly income goal and the time you want to invest in earning it.

This process of reverse engineering your life coach salary is super simple and gives you real clarity over how you want to spend your time and energy.

Pricing Strategy #2: Listen To Your Gut

how to price your services

It’s really important that you tap into your gut feeling, or your intuition, and evaluate your worth… before you commit to working with a client!

Ask yourself, does working with this client or opportunity at this rate really excites me?

Ask yourself, what is the price that would really make me comfortable with my set of life coaching skills?

It’s always a good idea to start there, and then slowly increase your rate as you gain more experience.

Pricing Strategy #3: Charge For The Results

pricing strategy

The best alternative to having an hourly rate… is to charge based on the results or the potential of results that you promise to create for your client.

You will be able to significantly increase your life coach salary if you’re able to truly create results for your clients. They will be happy to recommend you to more people, not to mention that they themselves will come back to you for more.

Pricing Strategy #4: Consider Life Coaching Industry Standards

how to price you coaching packages

Compare your pricing with other coaches.

When increasing your life coach salary, you must take into consideration your reality, your experience, and the investment capacity of your ideal clients.

Remember, charge for what you’re worth right now, but always increase your pricing as you grow as a coach, and gain more experience.

Watch this video to go through each pricing strategy in-depth and choose the right one for you.

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