This is your exclusive invitation to join a one-off, LIVE event that will reveal the single most important “secret weapon” behind a successful coaching business

You’re invited to attend a one-off, LIVE event that will catapult your coaching income into the next level

Discover the ‘Holobody’ model of coaching that can transform your business...

...By creating holistic wellbeing for your life and business coaching clients, and helping them reach their goals 10x faster

An Exclusive, Live Event:

Join Evercoach founder, Ajit Nawalkha as he reveals the ONLY way to deliver holistic results for your clients no matter what your coaching niche is..

..And the 5-step ‘Holobody’ framework that can put you ahead of 99% of the coaches in the world and permanently shift the way you approach coaching for results. 

An Exclusive, Live Event:

Join Evercoach founder, Ajit Nawalkha, as he reveals the 3 core elements responsible for income stagnations...

..and the one key for creating financial affluence and a future-proof wealth, without sacrificing your lifestyle


 Friday, July 29th

8 am PST | 5 pm CET


Students Enrolled

6 hours



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This one-off event will transform
your business & career. Here’s how:

This one-off event will transform your business & career. Here’s how:


Discover an untapped, booming coaching industry that reached over $20 billion this year

Learn how you can ride the hottest wave of 2022 and the years to come by tapping into this particular coaching market where there is accelerated demand and very few coaches filling the need.


Learn how the traditional coaching model is broken and why we need a new model that focuses on a more holistic approach to coaching

Unlike the fractured traditional model of coaching, the newer holistic model takes into account the complexities of modern life. You’ll learn why this is a far more superior model of coaching and how it can set you apart from most other coaches in your industry.


A case study on how unlocking holobody could lead to new levels of high performance in work and life

Step into a realization or a paradigm shift within these 90 minutes where you will start to view your life from a more complete lens rather than work with just a few pieces of the puzzle, hoping to solve the whole problem.


Discover the powerful 5-step holobody framework that can help you and your clients achieve peak health and achieve all your goals 10x faster

You’ll be equipped with a tool that can dramatically accelerate results for yourself and your clients, and put you in the league of sought-after experts in your field. 


What life can look like when you add this holistic model of coaching to your coaching tool-box

Imagine being able to over-deliver on your clients’ expectations every single time by creating a holistic transformation in their lives which even they wouldn’t have deemed possible. This spiritually and financially rewarding life as a coach is awaiting you at the other end of this 90-minute training.

By the end of this live webinar...

You’ll have the ultimate game plan and success formula to create holistic transformations for your clients...

...that will put you ahead of 99% of the coaches in the world, and accelerate your coaching success. 

Meet Your Trainer:  Ajit Nawalkha

Meet Your Trainer:  
Ajit Nawalkha

Ajit Nawalkha has trained thousands of people to impact lives through the power of coaching. He serves as the master coach for founders and CEOs behind a variety of brands in the human evolution and education space.

He is the co-founder of Evercoach: a global coaching education center that serves over 150,000 coaches around the world. Over the past decade, Ajit has committed to empowering entrepreneurs, coaches, and personal growth students to design lives, businesses, and missions with a greater purpose.

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