The Real Secret to Becoming a Rockstar Coach


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You love being a coach and you’re always looking for ways to improve your skills and techniques.

You read the latest books and attend online masterclasses and webinars.

You subscribe to relevant educational spaces and you purchase trainings, programs and courses.

Your aim?

To do epic work as a coach.

But here’s a question…

What about you? What are you doing for yourself and your coaching practice that is truly transformative?

What are the steps you’re taking to give yourself the support you need to show up and shine at your brightest?

If you’re not sure or if your answer is “nothing”, then listen up…

Because there’s ONE thing you can do that will up your game as a business owner and transform you into a rockstar coach and it’s this…

Get yourself a coach or connect with a group of coaches.

The truth is, even the best coaches in the world need coaches.

Why? Because no matter how good you are at what you do, no matter how many years you’ve been in the game…

You’ll have blind spots when it comes to your own life, your values and beliefs, your mindset and your abilities and skills.

We all do.

If you’re not convinced, here are 4 critical reasons that will motivate you to get coached.

Reason #1: You can take your clients deeper… further, higher, faster

If you’re not ready to dive into your own issues, challenges, limiting beliefs, mindset blocks and all the rest…

You’re not ready to take your clients to the next level.

As master coach and bestselling co-author of The Prosperous Coach, Rich Litvin, points out: you can only take your clients as deep as you go yourself.

I’d like to add this….you can only take your clients as far and as high as you go yourself.

Part of being a truly great coach is facing your own demons and finding ways to overcome them so you can become a powerful ally to your clients as they reach for their goals.

Having a coach will help you dissolve your own fears around money, self worth or any of the issues that are holding you back so you can operate at your highest potential and become an incredibly powerful, effective coach.

Reason #2: You need to know what it feels like

Can you describe what it feels like to swim in the ocean if you’ve never been to the beach?

Can you help someone understand the joy of biting into a fresh, juicy piece of orange if you’ve never done that yourself?

You can’t help your clients get the most out of their coaching sessions with you if you’ve never walked a mile in their shoes.

When you hire a coach, you become the client. You get to experience what it feels like to be “coached.”

While lots of coaching certification programs offer this as part of the requirement, it’s not the same as experiencing it firsthand outside a learning environment.

Being coached is a critical part of knowing how to coach.

This is something great coaches instinctively understand.

That’s why the best coaches in the world turn to other coaches and that’s why you should too.

Reason #3: You need a push

There’s no way around it.

No matter how much you love being a coach, there are times when you’re going to feel dejected and demotivated.

Fed-up and frustrated.

You might even feel like throwing in the towel and calling it quits.

It happens to the best of us.

And here’s the thing about self-motivation.

It works… but only up to a point.

When you’re feeling completely empty, you need someone who can help you “refuel that empty tank” so you can get moving again.  

You need to have someone in your corner, cheering you on.

Someone who’s skilled at doing what you do for your clients.

You need a coach.

Reason #4: You need expert insights

You’re an extraordinary presentation coach but you’re absolutely clueless when it comes to marketing your business.

Maybe you’re an incredible mindset coach but you have no idea what it takes to sustain your physical health and vitality.

If you want to operate at a peak state, work at maximum performance levels and be at your best for your clients, you need to take care of all areas of your life and the right coach in a specific area – health, business, marketing, take your pick – can help you do just that.

Here’s something to think about…

You wouldn’t expect a neurosurgeon to operate on himself.

So why would you expect to “coach” yourself or know all the answers?

Working with a coach or a group of coaches is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your coaching practice.

You’ll experience the breakthroughs you need to achieve your highest potential and become the rockstar coach that you are meant to be.

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Ajit Nawalkha is the Co-founder of Evercoach. He is passionate about disrupting industries and creating positive change. Ajit is a business coach himself.

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