3 Tools To Rewire Your Brain For Success


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Rewiring your brain is an important exercise in being successful. But most of us never think of doing it! Why? 

Because we’ve never really been taught how to approach the different states of our mind. We’ve never been told to pay real attention to them. 

Put simply, our brain – the seat of our intelligence and intuition – comes with no manual. That’s why it can be tricky to understand and navigate! 

This video blog is about just that – 

Understanding the potential of your subconscious mind, and learning how to rewire your brain for success.

How Does The Subconscious Mind Work?

3 Tools To Rewire Your Brain For Success

Your subconscious mind takes information from your past – it’s basically made up of your memories. It listens to your heart, and then uses that information to project into the future. 

It’s always working in a default state, based on certain triggers that lie in distant past memories. 

Because of this, you’re never really present, totally present, in the now

Which is a difficult situation to digest. It can stop you from consciously creating your own future, and even influencing your past. 

“If we change our now consciously, we can influence our past and our future.”

That’s why, if you start training your subconscious mind in the now, you will be able to craft a new, more successful identity for yourself.

3 Tools To Rewire Your Brain

To rewire your brain, you need to trigger certain emotions in your body.

Joy, love, abundance, fulfillment – these are all emotions that will urge you to really reprogram your mind. 

And you can spark these emotions by having a deep full body experience. This experience is always triggered by thoughts, so ensure that you observe the nature of your thoughts closely. They should be specific enough to ignite deep, thorough emotions of joy, love, success, and fulfilment within you. 

1. Create A Vision Board: This is a board with images that will trigger positive feelings in you. Something that symbolizes the success that you want. 

2. Be In A Meditative State: Define what it means for you to be successful. Then go into a state of meditation where you visualize yourself as one. Listen to daily auditory reminders, and practice meditation.

3. Read And Write: With these, your subconscious mind will be able to really see the positive momentum you want to create, in the regular daily practices of reading and journaling.

More on these three ways – and how to practice them to rewire your brain – have been discussed in the video.

Go ahead, watch it! And let us know which tool turns out to be more powerful for you!

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