3 Coaching Psychology Hacks Every Coach Should Know


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In this blog, we will discuss what coaching psychology really is, and how you can use certain key coaching psychology hacks to transform your client’s life. 

You may consider coaching to be a work of art… something that is abstract, empathetic, and ever-flowing. But have you thought about the fact that even coaching may have its fundamentals rooted in scientific research and study? 

Exactly. Many coaches do not consider the scientific foundations of coaching before they go into a session with a client. 

In this blog, we aim to change your awareness about this. 

What Are Coaching Psychology Hacks? 

Psychology Hacks

Coaching Psychology is that scientific foundation we’ve been talking about. It is the base of coaching, the crux of why coaching works… and also how it works. 

If you want to truly understand your clients, and create long-lasting transformation in their lives, you need to learn about coaching psychology hacks that can get you to your goal. 

These psychology hacks are a result of decade-long research and studies by scientists… in the field of human nature and psychology. 

They help us understand the thought process behind how decisions are made, and actions are taken. 

In simple words, these psychology hacks help us, as coaches, to truly understand human nature, backed by scientific study. 

Here are 3 important coaching psychology hacks for you: 

Coaching Psychology Hack #1: Mind Intelligence

Mind Intelligence

The power of the human mind is truly unique. It is capable of far greater feats than we can ever imagine. 

And yet, it is also capable of complete self-sabotage. 

That’s why understanding and mastering your mind is a great strength, especially for those who want to turn their lives around. 

So how does this translate into your work as a coach? 

You see, when you can begin to understand the intelligence of the human mind, you will be able to go deep into your client’s problems… and work on solving them. 

You will be able to take all the chaos and uncertainty in your client’s mind and create calm and order instead. 

Watch this video to know more about how to use this psychology hack in your coaching sessions!

Coaching Psychology Hack #2: Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

The ability to understand and recognize the emotional state of your client will help you navigate those emotions better. 

Being able to grasp someone’s emotional states is one of the most important psychology hacks ever. 

Too often, the problems of your clients actually lie deep-seated in their emotions… which can arise from a wide range of issues in their personal or professional lives. 

Unless those issues are resolved, your client will not and can not experience holistic transformation. 

As they say, there’s nothing that cannot be solved with some deep inner work. 

Your emotional intelligence as a coach is what your clients need to help them overcome difficult situations that they might not be speaking about… and turn those around to create lasting change. 

Coaching Psychology Hack #3: Body Intelligence

Body Intelligence

The state of your body has a HUGE impact on the state of your brain, and your emotions. 

This is where you need to pay attention to your, and your client’s body intelligence. 

Body intelligence is not just about feeding your body the right thing. Yes, that’s a big part of it, but not the entirety. 

Body intelligence as a psychology hack comes down to how you take care of your body, holistically. 

For example, regular physical activity has been shown to increase the levels of endorphin in your body. Endorphin is our mood-elevating hormone that fills us up with positive energy. 

Taking care of your body, keeping it in good physical shape, and giving it the right nutrition… are all essential for you to stay in an optimal state of being. 

And when someone’s in their optimal state, they are much more likely to find intrinsic motivation to achieve their dreams and create transformation. 

So there you have it. 3 foundational psychology hacks to transform your clients with coaching. 

How will you use these psychology hacks in your coaching sessions? Which ones do you need to understand more about, and which ones are you confident in? 

Tell us in the comments, and remember to share this blog with your connections and your clients! 

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