3 Beliefs You Must Change to Become a Master in the Art of Selling


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It’s a challenging aspect of business for almost every coach I’ve ever worked with.

Even some of the greatest coaches – celebrities in their own right – struggled with sales at the start of their journey.

Problems with selling can often be traced back to a single dominant belief that many of us share: people who are good at sales are naturally gifted.

They’re born with personality traits that allow them to be amazing at sales and selling.

We believe coaches who sell are extroverts who love to make new friends and who have no resistance around talking about themselves, their products and their services, all day long.

They can network with the best of them and leave a weekend event or seminar with a long list of new friends and powerful connections. These beliefs aren’t just wrong – they’re dangerous.

The art of selling is no more a natural talent than driving a car.

No one is born knowing how to drive but any one of us can learn to do it…

Just as anyone can learn how to sell, no matter how bad they think they are at sales.

Being good at sales isn’t about talent. It’s about skill.

And skills can be learned and honed and fine-tuned no matter who you are and where you come from.

No matter how afraid you are and how much you dislike selling.

So, ditch those negative beliefs around selling and embody these 3 powerful, new beliefs to overcome your resistance and become a rockstar at selling your coaching products and services.

Belief #1: Selling is Service

Becoming a Coach

You’ve seen slick used car salesman at work. You’ve watched questionable characters pushing weird inventions and contraptions no one really wants or needs, on late night TV.

So, you think sales is about being sleaze.

But it’s not. At least not in the world of coaching.

You’re a heart-centered, dedicated coach. You’re committed to achieving results for your clients. You create transformations that help them hit their goals. Positive changes that bring them freedom, money, joy and fulfillment.

To do that, you must offer your services to potential clients and customers by selling. When you sell from the heart, and when you truly want what’s best for your clients, selling is no longer about dollars and cents…

Selling is about service.

It’s about giving your ideal clients and customers a chance to change their lives.

When you embody this belief, you’ll start to see selling as an important act of service because it is.

Belief #2: Selling is Communication

Improve selling skills

Yes, when sales happen, money changes hands. Your client needs to pay you for your services and products, but ultimately selling is not about money…

It’s about communication.

Selling feels complex and scary when you focus on the money and nothing but the money.

But when you think of selling as building an authentic connection with a client, you’ll instantly release a lot of the anxiety and fear around having sales conversations or offering your coaching packages and programs.

If you reflect on all of the greatest players across various fields – comics, chefs, talk show hosts, social entrepreneurs, authors and, of course, coaches – you’ll find that they all have one thing in common…

They are master communicators.

They are amazing at communicating who they are, why they do what they do and what they stand for.

This is branding. This is marketing. And this is sales at its best.

The essence of selling well has been and always will be about communicating who you are and why you want to offer your products or services. When you do this, you’ll transform yourself into a world-class sales professional without even trying.

Belief #3: Selling Is Joy

It brings you fulfillment. It brings you purpose.

It brings you joy.

That joy you feel when you get to do your best work as a coach?

That feeling of joy can happen only when you sell…

It can only happen when you have a sales conversation, launch your product or offer coaching packages.

You cannot get to that feeling of fulfillment, purpose and joy as a professional coach without selling.

Selling equals joy.

Embody this belief and you will open your heart and mind to a whole new world.

A world where selling is easy…and fun.

Coaches avoid selling is because they’re afraid. It’s the reason for low enrollments and sales conversations that go south.

I’ve heard of truly gifted coaches who quit because they believe they cannot master sales no matter how hard they try.

This is a tragedy.

Think of the people who lose out, the people who will never learn to achieve their greatest potential because the coach they were meant to have, the coach who would have changed their lives…

Did not learn how to sell her coaching products and services.

You owe it to yourself – and to the world – to offer your coaching services to those who need you most.

You owe it to yourself to overcome your fears.

To master sales.

Because, as I always say to my students and fellow coaches…

When you sell from the heart…

You have the power to grow your impact, transform lives…

And change the world.

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