The Secret to Establish Your Reputation as a World-Class Life Coach


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You’re a go-getter. A dedicated, ambitious coach and you love creating transformations and changing lives.

You dream of building a profitable life coaching practice and you want to serve your ideal clients at the highest level.

This is the dream, the goal that inspired you to become a coach. But right now, something doesn’t feel right.

Maybe you’re just starting out and you’re feeling overwhelmed. You can’t stop thinking about all of the pieces you need to have in place before you work with your first client.

Maybe you’ve been coaching for a while, showing up day after day.

But you just don’t feel that fire anymore.

You feel drained. Bored.


When this happens, it’s easy to believe the answer lies in any one of the hundreds of things we think we need to get right to build a profitable practice and establish a great reputation.

But a snappy tagline, a better website, fancy new marketing techniques and a great logo aren’t the answers…

In this powerful video, master coach Christine Hassler reveals the exciting, inspirational path to a fulfilling, profitable business and a powerful reputation as a world-class life coach.

When you do this, one thing all of the other pieces in your coaching practice will fall into place.

The best part? You won’t have to look for clients because they’ll come looking for you.

About The Author

Christine Hassler

Christine Hassler is an author, life coach and speaker who is known for inspiring radical self-reflection with practical direction Christine Hassler is the best-selling author of "Expectation Hangover," "The 20 Something Manifesto," and "20 Something, 20 Everything." She’s appeared on: The Today Show, CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX, E!, Style, and The New York Times. Christine speaks to a variety of audiences and corporations about the Gen Y Factor. She is an expert on overcoming Expectation Hangovers® and bridging generational gaps in the workplace.

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