How To Become A Charismatic & Confident Public Speaker


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Do you want to master the art of public speaking and be magnetic on stage? 

How to become a confident public speaker is probably one of the most popular questions ever across the globe.

Whatever industry you're in, being able to rock a stage and deliver a memorable speech can go a long way in helping you magnify your impact and create the transformation you desire.

But most people have fear of public speaking and getting on stage.

And then there are those who do feel comfortable on stage, but their skills fall short and don't get to communicate their message effectively to the audience.

Public speaking is one of the most desired skills ever which is why you want to learn how to master this art and be prepared whenever the opportunity arises for you to rock that stage.  

In this short video, Ajit Nawalkha, CEO of Evercoach, shares his 5 best tips on how you, too, can become a confident, powerful, and impactful public speaker.

Tip #1: Make It Personal 

Think of it as if you were having an individual conversation with every single person in the audience.

Tip #2: Get Interactive 

A great way to attract with your audience, draw them in, and make them stick all the way till the end of your speech is to engage with them.

Try asking questions, telling jokes, and sharing personal stories that are relatable. Make sure your speech is a two-way street with your audience.

Tip #3: Memorize Concepts, Not Content

If there's only one thing you take away from this video, it has to be this:

Don't memorize your speech!

Instead, create a bullet-point list of what you want to cover, main ideas, stories, and takeaways for each bullet.

Memorize that concept list and practice it until you can go through the whole flow of the speech flawlessly. 

Tip 4: Body Language Is Everything

According to research, 55% of meaning is communicated through non-verbal communication, a.k.a. body language.

Be very aware of your posture, how you move across the stage, how you stand. Pay attention to how you show up.

Do you tend to cross your arms? Do you make eye contact with your audience? Do you smile? 

Practice in front of a mirror, a friend or a family member, so you can work on your body language and be more comfortable once you're delivering the real thing.

Tip #5: Speak Regularly

As they always say, practice makes perfect!

Build your public speaking skills and gain confidence by practicing!

Join a club, participate at events, apply to speaking gigs, practice at an open mic night, and so on. There are many ways to gain confidence in front of an audience, just choose one or two to start with.

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